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Texas Medicare Supplement Plans

Even though MA plans get a lot of press, 2018 Texas Medicare Supplement plan providers still report that the number of people choosing Medigap plans keeps increasing. Some beneficiaries in the Lone Star State are satisfied with the more stable benefits and choice of doctors that they get with Texas Medigap plans in 2018.

We want to help you with your Medigap Plan comparison. If you need more help, just click any of your local options to learn more.

Texas Medicare Supplement Plan Landscape

Out of a population of more than 26 million Texans, about 3.1 million enjoy Medicare benefits. Most beneficiaries are retired people, and these are some Texas statistics about seniors:

  • Texans with Medicare: 12%
  • Senior citizens in major Texas cities: Houston: 9.0%; Dallas: 8.8%; San Antonio: 10.4%; Austin: 7.0%; Fort Worth: 10.3%

Understanding Texas Medicare Supplement Plans in 2018

The most important thing to understand about Texas Medigap Plans is that all levels are standardized by CMS (The Center for Medicare and Medicaid). If you choose the same plan level from one company or another, you will get the same coverage. That means that you can shop by price among quality companies.

This is a quick summary of popular 2018 Texas Medicare Supplement plan levels:

  • Medicare Plan F: This option is very popular because it covers excess charges (when doctors charge more than CMS says they should), coinsurance, and Part A and B deductibles. To reduce premiums, there is also a high deductible plan F. Medicare Supplement Plan G is a little cheaper than Medicare Plan F, and it is pretty similar.
  • Plan K, L, or Medigap Plan N: These options require more cost-sharing, but they may also come with lower rates.
  • Plan C: This is also robust coverage, but unlike Medicare Plan F, it does not cover excess charges.
  • Plan A or B: These are usually considered basic, but they include that necessary inpatient hospital deductible and coinsurance.

These are some of the top 2018 Texas Medicare Supplement companies, so you can see that you have a large selection:

Are 2018 Texas Medicare Supplement Plans or MA Plans Best?

An Advantage plan could come with Part D prescription coverage, and even other Medicare supplement coverage that is not generally covered by Medicare. Examples might be limited coverage for the dentist or eye doctor. Also, many Advantage plans have a very low or even no monthly premium. This certainly makes Advantage attractive to a lot of Texas seniors.

However, other senior citizens find that Texas Medicare Supplement plans tend to stay more stable and do not limit them to only choosing PPO or HMO medical providers. They prefer to manage their health costs by buying a Medicare supplement, separate Part D plan, and maybe even, other supplemental insurance. Very often, the same company sells Medicare Supplements, Advantage, Part D, and additional dental or vision policies.

During guaranteed enrollment periods, there are no health questions to answer on an application for a Medigap Plan in Texas. At other times, applicants will have to undergo health underwriting, and it is possible to get assigned a higher rate or even declined for a supplement.

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