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Best Medicare Supplement Plan N Rates & Benefits

Dealing with mounting medical expenses can leave a person feeling overwhelmed, and when you’re ill or in need of medical care, it’s important to minimize stress. Purchasing Medigap coverage doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Even though there are as many as 10 different Medicare Supplement policies to choose from, we’re here to assist you by breaking down each option and helping you select the best Medicare Supplement plan N rates that best fit your needs.

Here, we discuss Medicare Supplement Plan N rates, also called Medicare Plan N.

First introduced in June 2010, enrollment in Medigap Plan N has risen from 7 percent in 2014 to 11 percent in 2016. It is expected to remain a popular plan for people looking for lower premiums combined with fairly broad coverage.

Plan N offers the same coverage in all states except Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin. That means that regardless of which insurance company you buy the policy from or where you live, you will get the same basic benefits.

When you compare Medicare Plan N to other Medicare Supplement plans, you will find that it covers more than Plans K and L. Medigap Plan N also offers lower rates than Plans D, G, and F.

Medicare Supplement Plan F is considered the most popular plan for Medigap coverage, insuring 52 percent of American seniors, but come with a higher premium than Plan N.

Why choose Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan N? Read on to see what makes this the right plan for you and learn about what you must do to be eligible.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Benefits and Part A

Medicare Plan N is one of the Medicare Supplement plans that work particularly well with Medicare Part A. Plan N covers all of the Medicare Part A deductible, the copayment or coinsurance for hospice care, coinsurance for care in a skilled nursing facility and hospital coinsurance amounts. Medicare Supplement Plan N also covers hospital costs for up to 365 days after Medicare Part A benefits expire, providing additional peace of mind. Under Medicare Supplement Plan N, the cost for the first three pints of blood needed for a blood transfusion is covered; Original Medicare benefits pay for additional transfusions.

  • Covers Part A hospice care copayment or coinsurance
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Care days 21 thru 100
  • Hospice Care coinsurance
  • Foreign Travel Emergency: Plan N will pay up to 80% of the cost for the first 60 days of that treatment.

Medicare Supplemental Plan N Benefits with Part B medicare supplement plan n benefits

  • Medicare Part B coinsurance amounts except for a $20 co-pay for doctors office visits
  • DOES NOT cover Part B Excess Charges
  • Up to $50 for an emergency room visit if you are not admitted to the hospital
  • It also pays coinsurance amounts for Part B’s preventive care services
  • Plan N does not cover your Medicare Part B deductible or any excess charges your doctor may charge
  • Excess charges are the difference between what your doctor charges for a service and the amount Medicare approves for payment
  • Emergency Care is covered after a $50 copay
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan needs to be purchased separately

Does Medicare Supplement Plan N have a Network?

Freedom of choice is one of the key benefits associated with Plan N coverage, especially when it comes to doctor visits. The ability to see a doctor you trust or have experience with can be a huge relief while confronting health problems and seeking the right treatment.

With a Medicare Plan N policy, you do not have to worry about staying within a network when you need care. You can go to any hospital or doctor in the country that accepts Medicare. Also, in the event you have to travel abroad and must seek emergency medical care in another country, Plan N will pay up to 80% of the cost for the first 60 days of that treatment.

Who Typically Buys Medicare Plan N?

Medicare Plan N appeals to budget-conscious people who do not mind paying co-payments and an annual deductible, in exchange for a lower overall premium. Medicare Supplement Plan N is also an attractive Medigap policy for healthy individuals who do not visit their doctor frequently but want to minimize the risk of having to pay the higher costs associated with unexpected hospital care.

When Can I Buy Medicare Supplement Plan N?

You can enroll in Medigap Plan N as long as you have Medicare Parts A and B. The optimal time to sign up for the plan is during your sixth-month Medigap Open Enrollment Period, which starts on the first day of the month in which you meet both of the following criteria:

  • Age 65 or older
  • Enrolled in Medicare Part B.

It’s extremely beneficial to take advantage of that open enrollment period. For that entire six-month period, insurance carriers cannot reject your application based on your health status or charge you more because of pre-existing health conditions.

If you enroll after your open enrollment period ends, insurance companies can use medical underwriting when reviewing your application, meaning they look at your health reports and may decide to charge you a higher amount based on your pre-existing conditions. Insurance carriers may also reject your application entirely if you enroll in a plan after the open enrollment period. Insurance carriers can also use underwriting if you switch from another Medigap plan to Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan N; again, they might charge you a higher amount or reject your application.

You may also be offered a Special Enrollment Period in the event that:

  • You Retire
  • Your insurance company goes out of business
  • You move to another location

Never assume that you are ineligible for Medicare Supplement plans. Always discuss your situation with an insurance agent who can guide you toward your best Medicare Coverage options. An agent can also help you find the best Medicare Supplement Plan N available in your area.

How Much Does Medicare Plan N Cost?

Because Medigap Plan N is one of Medicare’s 10 standardized Medigap plans, the basic benefits do not change between insurance companies. Medicare Supplement Plan N rates will, however, be different so you will need to request and compare quotes depending on where you live.

Here are some sample online quotes from top-rated companies for a 65-year-old female who is a nonsmoker:

  • Texas: Zip Code 73301
  • Premiums range from $80.21 to $128 a month

We are not sponsored or endorsed by any of the companies in the above online quotes. The quotes are just examples of Medicare Supplement Plan N rates to give you an idea of how pricing can differ between carriers in the same location, as well as in different geographic areas.

Is There A Difference in Medicare Supplement Plan N from Company to Company?

Although the essential benefits of Plan N are standard in 47 states, the premiums are not. Costs vary between insurance carriers and can differ based on a number of factors, such as location, whether the company offers extra benefits or how the company rates its premiums.

Insurance carriers use three ways to determine their premiums:

  • Community-rates: Each person pays the same premium regardless of age.
  • Age-rates: Each person covered by the plan pays based on their age when they first enroll; premiums do not increase with age.
  • Attained-age rates: Beneficiaries pay based on their current age, but premiums rise as you get older. Long-term, these are usually the most expensive rates, since costs continue to increase.

Remember that regardless of how an insurance carrier determines its costs, carriers typically conduct annual reviews. Carriers can adjust their rates based on inflation, rising health care costs or other factors.

What Is The Best Way to Apply for Medicare Supplement Plan N?

Because the premium rate differs between insurance carriers, the best way to apply for a plan is to talk with an insurance agent. An agent can directly compare plans between several carriers and make sure you get the best rate. We can help you find the best Medicare Supplement plans available in your area.

Best Medicare Supplement Plan N Companies We Recommend

Many companies offer Medicare Supplement Plan N, but not all companies provide the essential high-quality level of service and reliability that you need from an insurance carrier. Below are a few “preferred companies” we recommend you consider when researching your Medicare Supplement insurance options:

We are not sponsored or endorsed by any of these companies. We prefer them because they offer competitive quotes, are well-established companies with a history of reliability and are top-rated Medicare Supplement companies with a strong track record of rate stability. These preferred companies also continue to take advantage of innovative technology, in order to create a more efficient buying experience for the customer, as well as a much higher level of customer service.

Will My Rate Ever Change?

Insurance carriers conduct annual reviews of the Medigap plans they offer, and they have the option to raise Medicare Supplement Plan N rates based on the increased cost of care, inflation or other economic factors. It is important to have a good relationship with an agent you trust because we can continue to assess your rate from year to year to make sure you still get the best deal.

We hope this article helped to clear up any questions you have about Medicare Supplement Plan N and will help make the process of choosing a plan easier on you and your family.

This website is for informational purposes only. To research Medicare Supplement plans and premiums and to compare Medicare Supplement quotes, use our online form below to talk with an agent. Choose your state to find the best Medicare Supplement Plan N among the top carriers, or call our health insurance agency at (888) 414-4547. We can also help you understand the difference in Medicare Supplement plan monthly premiums and Medicare Advantage plan limits and differences. This website is not connected or endorses by CMS.


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