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Medicare Supplement Plan C Rates & Benefits

Out of all of the Medicare Supplement plan levels in the United States, Medicare Supplement Plan C is second in popularity only to Plan F. This might be true because these two Medicare Supplements are considered the most comprehensive, and it is even true though C and F are usually the most expensive. If you want to enjoy freedom from concerns about most out-of-pocket health expenses, combining Original Medicare Part A & Part B with Medicare Plan C might be the best choice.

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Understanding Medicare Supplemental Plan C Rates & Benefits

In most states, there are several different levels of Medicare Supplement plans as defined by Medicare. They provide various amounts of coverage, and typically, the higher levels of coverage cost more. Because Medicare plan C provides such comprehensive coverage, about 13 percent of beneficiaries choose it, and more than half want plan F, another very robust choice.

All Medicare Supplement plan levels have to provide essential coverage, and this includes hospital and hospice coinsurance, the first three pints of blood in a year, and outpatient hospital coinsurance. In addition to the basics, Medicare Supplement Plan C rates also offers extra coverage for:

  • Skilled nursing
  • Part A hospital deductible
  • Part B hospital outpatient and medical deductible
  • Foreign travel emergency

The biggest difference between plans F and C is that Medicare Supplement Plan F also covers excess charges. Excess charges the term for bills that are higher than Medicare-approved limits. If you mostly visit doctors and other healthcare providers that accept Original Medicare assignment, this will not matter. However, if you do visit doctors and other providers that charge more than Medicare says they should, it might be a consideration.

Notably, insurance companies have to provide either Medicare Plan C or F in an area that they market any Medicare Supplements in. They also have to provide Plan A, considered the most basic option.

Comparison of Medicare Supplement Plan C Rates

While all private Medicare Supplement insurance companies have to offer standard benefits for each level, they are free to set their prices. To provide some information for comparison, these are some example rates for Medicare Plan C premiums for a male who is 65 and lives in large metro areas of selected states:

Note: These are only examples of Medicare Supplement plan C rates, and your quotes could be different because of many factors. These sample prices were pulled from competitive price quotes offered by these top insurers:

In some areas, Medicare Supplement Plan C rates and premiums are fairly high. Still, many Medicare beneficiaries choose them over HMO or PPO Medicare Advantage plans because of the comprehensive and predictable coverage. Even though the lower prices and possible additional benefits of some Advantage choices can be attractive, many of the cheaper options expose members to the possibility of high out-of-pocket costs because of deductibles and copays. Also, some Medicare beneficiaries like the fact that they have more freedom to choose doctors because Medicare Supplement plans don’t use plan networks to control costs.

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