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Oregon Medicare Supplement Plans

Almost 640,000 residents of Oregon get help paying doctors and hospitals through a Medicare Supplement plan in Oregon because they qualify for Medicare benefits. While most are over 65, some qualify for benefits because of a severe disability. In either case, beneficiaries find that their government Medicare benefits offered thru Original Medicare Part A and Part B don’t pay the total for all bills, so most turn to another public or private insurance policy to help control bills. For many, the choice of extra coverage comes down to MA plans or Medicare Supplement plans in Oregon.

Have you explored your Medigap plan choices? If not, we offer help locating Medicare Supplement plans in Oregon, and all you need to do is enter your zip code in the quote box to begin.

Choosing the best Medicare Supplement Plans in Oregon

Nobody needs to remind most seniors of the attractiveness of MA plans that are inexpensive or have no monthly premium. Many Advantage policies even include additional benefits such as Medicare Part D, dental, and vision. However, different from most Medicare Supplement plans in Oregon, they also include deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance, so plan members risk having high expenses they must pay out of their own pockets. Also, the cheapest Oregon options usually force members to get most covered services from a PPO or HMO provider network.

Consider Susan and Dan, residents of Hillsboro, who enjoy taking their RV up and down the Pacific Coast. Because they benefit from the freedom of the road, they would rather not have to worry about only seeking medical care at a clinic that belongs to a local HMO or PPO. With a Medicare Supplement plan from Oregon, Susan and Dan are free to seek care from doctors all up and down the coastline and anywhere else in the United States that they might choose to roam.

Some Medigap plans even include emergency medical care in foreign countries, so Susan and Dan are free to venture up into Canada or Mexico without concern. With a Medicare Supplement plan such as plan F, which covers both foreign travel emergencies and excess charges, they won’t have to worry about price shopping for doctors either.

Comparisons of the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Oregon

MA and Medigap plans don’t work the same way. Advantage replaces original Medicare. Medicare supplements fill in coverage gaps in Part A and Part B of Original Medicare. There are different levels of Medicare Supplement plans, named from A to Medicare Plan N. While all of these options provide some primary benefits, some offer much more. The two most popular are Medicare Supplement Plan G and plan F.

These are a few examples of rates for Medicare Supplement plans in Oregon for a female, non-smoking, a resident of Portland who is 65:

Note: These are the only example rates, and yours could vary because of location, age and, sometimes, medical underwriting.

These Oregon Medigap plan rates were pulled from these top Medigap Companies:

Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Oregon

The main thing to take away is that all Medigap plans levels have to provide the benefits that the government has already laid out. However, insurers are free to determine their own prices for these different Medicare Supplement plan levels of coverage. Also, both prices and available plan levels can vary by location. That means that it is very likely prices would be different for a very similar Medicare beneficiary who lives in Gresham, OR, Eugene, OR, Salem, OR or any other Oregon city.

Comparing Medicare Supplement plans in Oregon takes all of the guesswork out of shopping for a Medicare Supplement plan. All you have to do is enter your zip code in the box on this page to get started. If you need more help, you can always call or email. We hope to help as many Oregonians as possible find the right Medicare Supplement plan at the lowest price.

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