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Even though Medicare is a very valuable program, it still will not pay for every medical bill. That is why many of the elderly and disabled folks who have Medicare also consider MA plans and Medicare Supplement plans in North Dakota. Since the Peace Garden State has a relatively small population, it might be surprising to learn that just about 100,000 North Dakotans rely upon Original Medicare Part A and Part B to help pay medical bills.

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Why Pick a Medicare Supplement Plan in North Dakota?

Lots of North Dakota seniors have to subsist on a fixed income, so MA options with no monthly premiums and additional Medicare drug coverage might seem attractive. However, some people can save money by paying for a Medicare Supplement plan in North Dakota because they might get better coverage and more flexibility. For example, Advantage options can have yearly out-of-pocket maximums of thousands of dollars, but some robust Medicare Supplement plans can reduce or almost eliminate extra bills.

Consider Jill, a single and retired woman who lives in Mandan. Because she has diabetes and some associated health issues, she wants to travel to clinics in West Fargo four times a year for checkups and advice. Once a year, she visits the Mayo Clinic in nearby Minnesota for a full workup.

These visits would not be covered by a no monthly payment Advantage HMO that relies only upon a local network. Even though Jill has a limited budget, a Medicare Supplement plan actually saves her money and makes sure that she can access the doctors that she chooses.

Example Premiums for Medicare Supplement Plans in North Dakota

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid, or CMS, sets standard plan levels for Medicare Supplement plans. Like most states, North Dakota uses this standard system of naming coverage levels from plan A to plan N. These levels range from providing essential coverage that should limit out-of-pocket costs to comprehensive Medigap plan options that cover things that original Medicare doesn’t cover, like foreign travel emergency medical expenses. Medicare Supplement Plan G and Plan F seem to be the most popular among seniors.

In any case, it might be useful to compare some example rates for different Medicare Supplement plan levels ND. These are for a woman who lives in Fargo, ND has just turned 65, and who does not smoke:

Note: These are only examples, and your rates will be different because of age, location, and other factors.

Top insurers offering Medicare Supplement plans in North Dakota:

That was a good sample of the different levels for Medicare Supplement plans in North Dakota. Level A is considered basic coverage, and health insurance companies have to offer it anywhere that they offer Medigap plans. Likewise, they must also provide Medicare Plan level F or Plan level G, and these are the two most popular Medicare Supplement plan levels. Level N provides broad coverage, but it requires more sharing of costs, so the monthly rate is usually lower than the most expensive options.

Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in North Dakota

Even though every Medicare Supplement insurance company has to offer standard benefit levels, they do not have to fix their prices at a certain threshold. Prices depend upon Medigap plan coverage level, location, and in some cases, individual factors. Also, insurers might offer a different selection at various prices in Minot, ND than they do in Bismarck, ND or Grand Forks, North Dakota. What this means is that it is imperative for each individual to shop around for the cheapest options from quality Medicare Supplement insurance companies.

We are pleased to make this as easy as humanly possible, and we do it by providing you with straightforward information Medicare Supplement plans in North Dakota and quotes. Just enter your zip code in the quote box to begin.  We will walk you through your options, help you compare Medigap plan levels and companies that offer them, etc.  So, if you’re looking for assistance, feel free to call the toll-free number or e-mail for help.