Medicare Supplement Plans in New Hampshire

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Though about 30 percent of Medicare recipients in NH decide to replace Original Medicare Part A and B with MA plans, about 25 percent sign up for Medicare Supplement plan in New Hampshire. It is relatively easy to understand the attraction of MA. There are still a few small and no monthly premium Advantage policies, and often, Advantage comes with valuable coverage for dental or vision that would not even be included in regular Medicare.

Medicare Supplement plans in New Hampshire always carry a premium, but beneficiaries like the fact that they provide very predictable coverage that doesn’t change each year. Also, Medicare Supplement plans don’t depend upon an HMO or PPO health provider network. Some Medigap plan levels even pay excess charges or amounts for medical bills that are higher than what Medicare says they should be. Many health providers will accept Medicare Supplement plans even when they don’t belong to an Advantage plan network.

Consider the example of Joe, a recently retired man in East Concord. He hadn’t signed up for Medicare previously because he had excellent health insurance through his job. Now that he has lost that coverage, he still wants the freedom to visit the concierge doctor’s office in Derry Village, NH, but those doctors are not members of any Advantage networks. For Joe, a Medicare Supplement plan in New Hampshire might cost a bit more than a local Advantage plan, but it will give him the freedom to choose his doctors and the peace of mind of knowing that bills will be paid in full.

Example rates for a Medicare Supplement Plan in New Hampshire

Understand that several different Medicare Supplement plans exist, but all are laid out to conform to government specifications and requirements. These plan levels all have letter names ranging from Medicare plan A through  Medicare Plan N. All options must include certain essential benefits, and Plan F and Medicare Plan G seem to be the most popular.

These basics include valuable coverage like Part A coinsurance, but some coverage levels encompass much more. For example, some pay for excess charges or emergency care in other countries. To get an idea of premiums on Medicare Supplement plan in New Hampshire, consider these sample prices for a man who is turning 65, never uses tobacco, and lives in Manchester, NH:

Note: These prices are only intended as samples, and they could vary based on many factors.

Medicare Supplement plan premiums were quoted by these top companies offering Medicare Supplement plans in New Hampshire:

Comparison of Medicare Supplement Plans in New Hampshire

The important thing to understand is that all Medicare Supplement plans in New Hampshire must provide the coverage that is outlined by CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. However, each Medicare Supplement insurance company can set its own prices. Shopping around for different insurers in your city or town is the only way to ensure that you’re getting the lowest prices. Remember, there is no reason to pay more for coverage from a quality company than you need to.

Keep in mind that insurers don’t always offer each Medicare Supplement plan level in every city. They must offer Medicare plan A and either Medicare plan F or C, but beyond that, each insurance company is free to choose which Medicare Supplement plan in New Hampshire they will market. For example, Medicare beneficiaries in Nashua, NH are likely to find different options than recipients in Concord, NH.

Our simple online Medicare Supplement quote form is the easiest way to find the right supplement that will provide you with the coverage you need at the lowest price. All you need to do is enter your zip code in the box on this page to begin comparing Medicare Supplement plans in New Hampshire. Request a quote or call not to speak with an agent.