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Medicare Supplement Plans in Missouri

Do you think you’re alone in comparing Medicare Supplement plans in Missouri?  Well, an astounding 1.5 million beneficiaries to Original Medicare Part A and B live in Missouri. Most of them also rely on other policies to enhance their coverage. These additional policies could include employer medical policies, Medicaid, MA plans and Medicare Supplement plans.

While there isn’t one right solution for every recipient, we can help you compare rates and benefits for Medicare Supplement plans in Missouri. Get started right away by entering your zip code in the quote box.

Who Benefits the Most from Medicare Supplement Plans in Missouri?

More elderly Missourians select Advantage over Medicare Supplement plans, and it isn’t hard to understand why this is true. It is still possible to find very inexpensive, or even no monthly premium Advantage options in most counties, and very often, these policies also include additional benefits like coverage for Part D, dental and vision. Even so, the best Medicare Supplement plans in Missouri might help some beneficiaries save money and make better use of their valuable health benefits.

For example, Don has just retired from his job in East Independence. He already has to manage diabetes and some other chronic health conditions. He got used to a group of doctors that accepted his old employer’s health insurance, but this particular group of physicians charges more than Medicare’s set limits, and they aren’t on any local Advantage HMOs or PPOs.

In Don’s case, a Medicare Supplement plan in Missouri provides the solution that can help him keep his doctors. Also, a Medigap plan that covers “excess charges” will alleviate concerns over doctor’s bills that are higher than Medicare’s strict limits. With some comprehensive Medicare Supplement plan levels, Don may not ever have to worry about paying any out-of-pocket expenses at all

A Quick Comparison of Medicare Supplement Plan Levels in Missouri

In Missouri, as in most other U.S. states, all Medigap plan levels have to conform to the standards the government has spelled out. These levels all have letter names, from A through N, and this summarizes common options:

  • Plan F: The most common choice in the U.S., this is one of the most robust options.
  • Medicare Plan G: Similar to Medicare Supplement Plan F, this option doesn’t include the Part B deductible.
  • Plan C: Another common choice, level C also offers robust coverage.
  • Plan K to Medicare Plan N: Considered cost-sharing levels, these options offer good coverage at competitive rates but require beneficiaries to share costs.

Of course, most senior citizens have concerns over monthly costs. To get an idea of rates, consider these example monthly rates for a Medicare Supplement plan for a woman who is 65, lives in Kansas City and does not use tobacco:

  • High deductible plan F: $64.25
  • Regular Medigap plan F: $191.01
  • Plan A: $131.30
  • Plan K: $91.08

Note: These examples rates are from competitive insurers in the city who offer the best Medicare Supplement plans in Missouri, and rates could vary because of age, city, and other factors.

How to Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Missouri

While insurance companies have to provide medical coverage that conforms to the set levels, they are free to compete by rate. These are some of the top Missouri Medigap companies that we considered:

If there is one takeaway, it should be that insurers must provide the same benefits for each level. For example, Medicare Plan G is always plan G. The most significant difference between one insurer or another will be the rate. Also, the selection of insurers and Medicare Supplement plan levels could vary by city. For example, people who live in St. Louis, Springfield or Independence, Missouri, will be likely to find a different selection of insurers. Even for the Medicare Supplement plan rates will be different.

This could make shopping for a Medicare Supplement plan in Missouri difficult, but we have a solution. Just enter your zip code in the box on this page to get started. If you would prefer to speak with a live representative, we can help you if you call our toll-free phone number.

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