Medicare Supplement Plans in Minnesota

Anybody soon to be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B should find information about the best Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Minnesota to be helpful. This overview of Minnesota Medigap plans can also help beneficiaries who are new to the state or who want to change their Medicare insurance plan.

The standard Medigap plans in Minnesota are not the same as the federal Medigap plans used in most other states. In most states, there are ten plans, including high deductible and standard plans.

Medigap Plan F and other popular plans in other states are unavailable in Minnesota. Minnesota has the leading choice narrowed down to only two. 

As is true of all Medicare Supplement insurance plans, the coverage will help pay for various coinsurance, deductibles, and copayments that Original Medicare insurance — Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B — won’t cover for doctor’s visits, preventive care, inpatient hospital stays, home health or care in a skilled nursing facility. For example, your plan might include the Medicare Part B deductible.

Basic Medicare Supplement Plan Benefits in Minnesota


  • Basic benefits
  • Part A: skilled nursing facility (SNF) coinsurance (provides 100 days of SNF care)
  • 80% of a foreign travel emergency
  • 50% of outpatient mental health
  • Medicare-covered preventive care
  • 20% of physical therapy
  • State-mandated benefits (diabetic equipment and supplies, routine cancer screening, reconstructive surgery, and immunizations)

Doesn’t Cover:

  • Part A: inpatient hospital deductible
  • Part B: deductible
  • Usual and customary fees
  • Coverage while in a foreign country

Basic Extended Plus Medicare Supplement Plan Benefits in Minnesota

Basic benefits:

  • Part A: inpatient hospital deductible
  • Part A: skilled nursing facility (SNF) coinsurance (provides 120 days of SNF care)
  • Part B: deductible
  • 80%* of a foreign travel emergency
  • 50% of outpatient mental health
  • 80%* of usual and customary fees
  • Medicare-covered preventive care
  • 20% of physical therapy
  • 80%* of coverage while in a foreign country
  • State-mandated benefits (diabetic equipment and supplies, routine cancer screening, reconstructive surgery, and immunizations)

* The plan pays 100% after you spend $1,000 in out-of-pocket costs for a calendar year.

  • Four optional riders that can be added to the Basic Plan
  • Modified versions of some of the national plans

The choices for Medicare Supplement plans in Minnesota are simpler than in the states that offer a selection of ten Medigap policies. A Medicare recipient can decide which option will be the best Medicare Supplement plan in Minnesota for their unique needs and compare premiums from various companies to find competitive prices.

The core plan’s benefits will be the same with each Medicare insurance company, but each insurance company has its way of setting premium rates. In addition, most insurers also bundle a discount plan with their Medigap plans. These discount plans can help make other health-related services, like dental care, gym memberships, and vitamins, more affordable.

When Can I Enroll in a Medigap Plan in Minnesota?

When is the best time to find the best Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Minnesota? Everybody gets an Initial Enrollment Period around the time they first qualify for Part A and B. During this Medigap Open Enrollment Period, a Medicare insurance company may not ask health questions. They also cannot decline any applications because of a pre-existing health issue. They can’t even charge higher premium rates during this time.

After their first Medigap Open Enrollment Period, Medicare recipients may also experience certain events that trigger a Medicare Special Enrollment Period. Some circumstances that trigger these include losing a job with health insurance, having a previous plan discontinued, or moving into the state. Qualified applicants are also guaranteed acceptance at standard premium rates during a Special Enrollment Period.

At other times, Medicare beneficiaries may still get accepted for Medigap policies. However, the insurance company can charge higher rates or even refuse coverage because of pre-existing health conditions. To be certain of acceptance in the best Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Minnesota, it’s best to take advantage of a Guaranteed Enrollment Period. This is also the time one can be most sure of getting offered competitive rates.

During your Open Enrollment Period, in addition to shopping for a Supplement that can help you maximize your Medicare benefits, you should also shop for prescription drug coverage. Signing up for a prescription drug plan during your Open Enrollment Period will help you enjoy these benefits:

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We can also tell you about other plan options, such as Part C Medicare Advantage plans. These are often HMO plans, sometimes including Medicare Part D plans. 

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Average quotes are for sample purposes only. Actual premiums are based on several factors, including health conditions, age, location, tobacco status, gender, and insurance provider.

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