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Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plans

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, just about three-quarters of a million residents enjoy Medicare benefits. This government health plan for senior citizens and disabled people helps a lot, but most beneficiaries realize that traditional Medicare, namely Part A and B, do not cover all of their potential medical bills. That is why most Minnesota recipients rely upon other programs and policies to help enhance benefits. For many in 2019, the decision comes down to MA plans and Medicare Supplement plans in Minnesota for 2019.

Do you want a quick comparison of your options for Medicare Supplement plans in Minnesota? Find the State of Minnesota in the quote box to begin. You will be able to see a list of competitive insurers and agencies in your city or town.

Why Choose a Medicare Supplement Plan in Minnesota for 2019?

Of course, Minnesotans find MA plans to be a very attractive choice. There are still some very cheap or even no monthly premium options. Besides that, many of these Medicare policies also offer drug coverage and even additional vision or dental benefits. Still, about a quarter of beneficiaries still choose Medicare Supplement plans, and it is interesting to explore why that is.

Consider the case of Sandra in Rochester. She enjoys getting her care from the famous Mayo Clinic, but not all doctors there take HMO or PPO Advantage policies. Additionally, many of the famous medical specialists charge more than Medicare limits allow. For her, having excess charges covered and no network to worry about are big benefits, and that’s what she can get from some good Medigap plans sold in her city. For Sandra, a Medicare Supplement plan F might provide more flexibility and even help her save money.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Minnesota Overview for 2019

This state does things a bit differently than most states in the country. Instead of having plan levels from A through N, the state defines their own levels. They also have their own versions of some popular Medicare Supplement levels.

This page on the official Medicare site lays out the specifics of Medicare Supplement plans in Minnesota for 2019, but this is a brief summary:

  • Basic Plan
  • Extended Basic Plan
  • Minnesota versions of K, L, M, N, and high deductible Medigap plan F

In addition, insurers can choose to offer additional riders to allow beneficiaries to customize their own coverage. These include the part A deductible, part B deductible, preventative care not provided by Medicare and “usual and customary fees.”


Both the state and federal governments set benefits for these MN Medigap plans, but private health insurance companies actually set their own 2019 prices.

Top Medicare Supplement Companies in Minnesota:

How to Compare Medicare Supplement Rates in Minnesota for 2019

If you do not remember anything else, it is important to remember that available Medicare Supplement options and premiums will vary by local area. The best choice in Duluth might not be the best Medigap plan level in Saint Paul or Bloomington.

However, our handy Medicare health insurance quote form makes it really easy to shop from the comfort of your home or office computer. Select your state on this page to begin viewing options for Medicare Supplement plans in Minnesota for 2019. If you would like to speak with a live representative, you are welcome to use our toll-free number to call.

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