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Medicare Supplement Plans in Massachusetts

Most local Medicare recipients rely upon Medicare Supplement plans in Massachusetts, MA plans, employer medical policies, or other private plans. If you need to choose between a Medicare Supplement plan and MA plan, we can help. You must have Original Medicare Part A and B in place to apply for a Medigap plan.

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Comparing Medicare Supplement Plans in Massachusetts

It is not hard to understand why many senior citizens get excited about the idea of MA Plans. Some have very small or even no monthly premiums. They may also come with Part D and additional benefits like dental or vision. However, paying a Medicare Supplement plan rates might save people money or offer them coverage that they will enjoy more.

Consider the example of David, a recent retiree, and widower who lives in Lowell. Even though he’s had a family doctor for years, he wants the flexibility to visit an eye specialist that he was referred to in South Boston to treat vision problems. In addition, David and his fiance hope to travel around the United States and even take a cruise out of the country once or twice a year.

For him, paying a bit more for a very robust Medicare Supplement plan in Massachusettes makes sense. Even if rates are slightly higher, he believes that this kind of coverage will save him money on out-of-pocket medical costs. It will also protect him from concerns over finding only network doctors as he would have to do with an Advantage HMO or even PPO. He can enjoy coverage all over the United States, and he also gets coverage for emergencies in other countries.

Exploring Medicare Supplement Plans in Massachusetts

Medigap plans fill in the gaps for those things that Medicare Part A and B do not cover or completely cover. The government has standardized these Medicare Supplement plans levels associated with letter names in most states. However, Massachusetts does not conform to the rest of the country’s defined levels. For example, there is no Medicare Supplement Plan G or Medicare Plan N in Massachusetts as there is in most states. You do, however, have the option for a plan very similar to the level of Medicare Supplement Plan F.

More Medicare Supplement Plans in Massachusetts comparison:

  • Core plan: This only offers the essential benefits that include hospital coinsurance.
  • Medicare Supplement plan 1: This is robust protection that provides coverage for additional benefits like foreign travel emergencies and state-mandated preventative tests.

A quick survey of some sample rates may also be helpful. Consider example rates for Medicare Supplement plan in Massachusetts for a Boston woman who is just turning 65 and doesn’t use tobacco:

  • Massachusetts core: $121.77
  • Massachusetts Supplement level 1: $188.56

Note: These sample rates might differ from your Medicare Supplement plan because of age, location, and other factors.  Competitive Plan Providers are listed below:

Find Rates on Medicare Supplement Plans in Massachusetts

In this state, rates, level options, and even insurers could differ by city or town. For example, seniors in Lowell could have different options than seniors in Worcester or Springfield. Additionally, even though Medicare Supplement plan levels must be standardized according to state regulations, companies set their rates. As such, it is often beneficial to shop around.

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