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Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Hawaii 2021

Beneficiaries concerned about Original Medicare out-of-pocket costs have the option to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan in Hawaii. They’re secondary Medicare insurance policies that enhance the standard Medicare benefits. Enrolling in a Medicare Supplement plan in Hawaii can make obtaining health care through the federal Medicare program less time consuming and expensive.

What are the Top 5 Medicare Supplement Plans in Hawaii?

There are 10 standardized Medigap policies plus two high-deductible plan options. Not all plans are offered in all zip codes, but the leading five are available for most areas of Hawaii.

If your Original Medicare effective date was prior to January 1, 2020, you have the option to sign up for Medicare Plan F. This is the most comprehensive plan available, and it covers the following:

1. Best full coverage: Medicare Plan F

  • Medicare Part B deductible
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Part A coinsurance
  • Part B coinsurance
  • First 3 pints of blood
  • Part A hospice care copayments
  • Skilled nursing facility coinsurance
  • Part B excess charges
  • Foreign travel emergency care (up to plan limits)

2. Best comprehensive plan: Medicare Plan G

Plan G offers the same benefits as Plan F except it doesn’t include the Medicare Part B deductible. It’s available to all beneficiaries regardless of Original Medicare start date.

3. Best value: Medicare Plan N

Plan N offers lower copayments for beneficiaries able to pay some out-of-pocket costs. The plan requires the following copays:

  • Doctor Visits – up to $20 per visit
  • Emergency Room Visits – up to $50 per visit

Medicare Plan N does not cover the Part B deductible or excess charges. It does cover the Part A deductible.

4. Best deductible plan: High-Deductible Plan F

The high-deductible version of Plan F offers all the benefits of the standard plan. The catch is that you have to pay the $2,370 deductible out of pocket before accessing those benefits. The rates are substantially lower for these plans.

5. Best for lowest rates: High-Deductible Plan G

Plan G’s high-deductible version comes with extremely low monthly premiums. You must pay the full deductible of $2,370 out of pocket each year before accessing those benefits.

What is the Best Supplemental Insurance to go with Medicare?

Selecting a Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Hawaii is a personal journey that starts with comparing rates for plans offered in your zip code. The best Medigap policy is the one that covers your health care needs without exceeding your maximum budget.

What is the most popular Medicare Supplement plan in Hawaii for 2021?

Medicare Plan G is becoming the most popular Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Hawaii. It’s open to everyone and covers everything except the Medicare Part B deductible.

Which plan has the best benefits in Hawaii?

Medicare Plans F and G are the best Medicare Supplemental plans for beneficiaries interested in comprehensive Medicare coverage. Both plans severely reduce the out-of-pocket costs beneficiaries must pay each year by covering Part B excess charges, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Medicare Plan N is one of the best options for beneficiaries able to pay the Part B deductible out of pocket along with small copayments for doctor’s office and emergency room visits. Those able to pay a substantial deductible may want to consider the high-deductible plan options as well.

All beneficiaries need to sign up for a Medicare Part D plan because Medigap policies don’t include prescription drug coverage.

How do I choose the best plan?

Your personal health care needs should guide your decision when selecting supplemental Medicare coverage. Think about all of the following as you compare insurance companies authorized to fulfill this part of your Social Security benefits:

  • Frequency of doctor visits
  • Plans for foreign travel
  • Maximum budget for copayments and premiums

The plan you choose should simplify your Medicare coverage while ensuring you always have the ability to see a doctor as needed.

Which Medigap company offers the best rates in Hawaii?

Each Medicare insurance company sets their own pricing for each Hawaii zip code. The cheapest insurer in your area may come out as one of the most expensive in another zip code. That’s why it’s important to compare pricing online once your eligibility for Medigap insurance opens.

What is the Average Cost for a Medicare Supplement Plan in Hawaii for 2021?

What you pay for a Medigap plan in Hawaii depends on your zip code plus personal factors like age, gender, and use of tobacco. To illustrate potential Medigap rates, we generated quotes for a 65-year-old woman who doesn’t smoke and lives in Hawaii zip code 96733.

  • Medicare Plan G – $102.72 – $215.42 range; $144 average
  • Medicare Plan N – $81.08 – $93.47 range; $89 average
  • High-Deductible G – $39.49 – $44.07 range; $42 average

Common Hawaii Medicare Supplement Plan Questions

What Companies Sell Medigap Plans in Hawaii?

When selecting an insurer for your Medigap plan in Hawaii, financial integrity is just as important as pricing. There are close to 20 private insurance companies offering Medigap insurance in the state, but only a couple stand out for their commitment to fair pricing and excellent to superior financial ratings.

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Mutual of Omaha

When Can I Apply for a Hawaii Medicare Supplement Plan?

The best time to apply for a Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Hawaii is during your personal Medigap Open Enrollment Period. Here’s what you need to know about that period:

  • It starts the first day of the month that you become eligible for Social Security benefits and sign up for Original Medicare.
  • It lasts for six months.
  • You will benefit from guaranteed issue rights that ensure the insurance company cannot deny you coverage or base your rate on your current health condition or pre-existing conditions.
  • You can sign up for a Medicare Part D plan at the same time.

You may also qualify for a special guaranteed enrollment period at a later date if you meet the eligibility requirements. That would grant you the same guaranteed issue rights even though you missed the initial open enrollment period.

You can also apply for a Medigap plan at any time. Medical underwriting will apply and could increase your rate or result in a denial of coverage.

Which is better, Medigap Plan G or Plan N?

The best Medigap plan will fit your budget and health care needs. If you’re interested in comprehensive coverage that eliminates worry over out-of-pocket costs, Plan G is a better option. Plan N is worth thinking about if you want slightly lower premiums.

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Once Original Medicare pays for all medical expenses up to plan limits, a Medigap plan in Hawaii will pay for outstanding charges not covered by those basic benefits. Beneficiaries without a Medicare Supplemental insurance policy would have to pay those outstanding charges on their own.

Medicare Supplement insurance plans allow you to pay one monthly premium instead of keeping up with copayments, coinsurance, excess charges, and deductibles. These plans are issued by private health insurance companies, and you can work with a licensed insurance agent to select a plan and enroll.

Prescription drug coverage is not included in any of the Medigap plans in Hawaii. Beneficiaries can sign up for a Medicare Part D plan when they enroll in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Is Plan G the Best Medigap Plan in Hawaii?

How Much Does Plan G Cost?

The full cost to Medicare beneficiaries is the Medigap premium plus the price of a Part D prescription drug plan. Rates are based on zip codes plus personal factors like your age, gender, and use of tobacco.

In 2021, the average cost of a Plan G policy for a 65-year-old woman who doesn’t smoke and lives in zip code 96733 is $144 per month.

What is the Plan G Deductible in 2021?

Plan G doesn’t come with a deductible. You will need to pay $203 out of pocket for the 2021 Part B deductible, which isn’t covered in this Medigap plan.

What does Medigap Plan G Cover in Hawaii?

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Hawaii Medicare Resources

Hawaii Enrollment Statistics

Top five counties in Hawaii:

  • Hawaii County
  • Honolulu County
  • Kalawao County
  • Maui County
  • Kauai County

A few more stats about Medicare and Medicare Supplements in Hawaii:

  • More than 140,000 senior citizens and disabled individuals in Hawaii are covered under Medicare.
  • Almost 7,500 Medicare recipients in Hawaii had Medicare Supplement plans in 2015. This is about 5.6 percent of individuals who are covered under original Medicare insurance in the state.
  • The most popular Medigap plan in Hawaii is Plan F plans.
Key Take Aways
  • There are 10 Medicare Supplement Plans in Hawaii to choose from.
  • In Hawaii, Medicare Supplement Plan G is the most popular plan.
  • Medigap Plans do not use a network, go wherever Original Medicare is excepted.
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