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Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans

About a quarter of beneficiaries continue to sign up for Medicare Supplement plans in Connecticut. For example, Sue in New Haven is eligible for Medicare and losing her employer-based health benefits. She already knows that she needs to visit the doctor regularly to manage a chronic health condition, so purchasing Medicare Supplement plan in Connecticut with robust coverage makes sense for her.

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Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans vs. MA Plans Comparison

MA often plans bundles in Part D prescription coverage, offers additional coverage for vision or dental, and comes with very low premiums. To help visitors choose the best Medicare Supplement plan, it might help to understand why some beneficiaries choose Medigap plans in Connecticut instead of Advantage:

  • Medicare Supplements provide predictable benefits from year to year.
  • The Center for Medicare and Medicaid, or CMS, defines standard plan levels that are easy to understand.
  • Medicare Supplement plans do a good job of reducing or even eliminating out-of-pocket costs.
  • There is no need to worry about HMO or PPO networks or other restrictions that are common with MA.

All Medicare Supplement plans in Connecticut offer basic benefits, and these include hospital and hospice coinsurance. These are the medical expenses that tend to be the largest. However, some levels offer much more, so policy owners do not have to worry much about out-of-pocket expenses at all. For example, Medicare Plan F is considered the most robust option, and it even helps pay for emergency care in another country and bills generated when doctors charge more than Medicare allows, called excess charges.

Best rates on Medicare Supplement Plans in Connecticut

In general, Medigap plan rates in Connecticut depend upon plan level, location, and in some cases, medical underwriting. However, insurers only have to provide standardized coverage, but they are relatively free to set their prices.

Before looking at some sample monthly prices, consider the basic differences between different Medicare Supplement plan levels in Connecticut:

  • A, B: The basics at competitive prices
  • C: More than the basics
  • F, Plan G: Security against large out-of-pocket bills
  • K, L, N: Manage monthly payments and health care costs

When choosing any Medicare Supplement plans, beneficiaries always have to balance monthly charges against the potential risk of out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Rates for the most popular levels for a 65-year-old man in Bridgeport, Connecticut who does not smoke:

Please note: These prices are just samples pulled from local Medicare Supplement companies in Connecticut. They could vary because of age, city, and other factors.

Even though regular Plan F and Plan C are often considered the most comprehensive and expensive Medicare Supplement plan levels, they are also the most popular along with Medigap plan G. Medicare Supplement plans in Connecticut tend to appeal to consumers who don’t mind spending a bit every month in premiums in exchange for the security of predictable medical bills and the lack of concern over choosing network providers.

Compare quotes on Medicare Supplement Plans in Connecticut Online

In the biggest Connecticut cities with a large population of seniors, beneficiaries are likely to find the most choices of Medigap plan providers. These are the percentages of seniors in the major population areas:

  • Bridgeport: 10.0%
  • New Haven: 15.3%
  • Hartford: 8.9%
  • Stamford: 13.1%
  • North Stamford: 13.1%
  • Waterbury: 12.6%

Some of the largest companies offer Medicare Supplement plans in Connecticut include, Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans, Mutual of Omaha,  and Cigna Medicare Plans, some regional insurers might or might not offer a better deal in your local area. Regular consumers cannot be expected to know which company offers the cheapest prices for Plan F or how prices of different levels compare to each other in their own Connecticut city.

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