Best Medicare Supplement Plans in California 2024

After researching various plans, we’ve determined that for most beneficiaries in California, Medicare Supplement Plan G is the best choice for 2024 and has the most comprehensive benefits. Plan N is the second-best option, followed by High Deductible Plan G.

Average monthly costs:

  • Plan G: $133 to $258
  • Plan N: $127 to $186
  • High Deductible Plan G: $62 to $133

Original Medicare often has “gaps” in coverage; this falls on you to pay out of pocket. This may include coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles.

The federal government standardizes all ten Medicare Supplement plans, offering the same benefits, regardless of which company provides the plans.

Below is a list of the top four plans with coverage highlights:

Medicare Supplement Plan G 

  • Plan G is the best plan in California and offers the most comprehensive coverage for Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Compared to Plan F, it has excellent cost savings, especially for those who can choose.
  • Nearly 114,000 people are currently enrolled in Plan G in California.

Medicare Supplement Plan N 

  • Plan N is the second-best plan and is great for those who want comprehensive coverage and are okay with trading certain benefits for monthly savings.
  • Currently, there are over 64,000 individuals enrolled in Plan N.
  • Requires up to $50 copay for emergency room visits. The copay is waived if the beneficiary is admitted.
  • Doctor visits will cover up to $20 for copays.

High Deductible Plan G

  • Same benefits as Medicare Plan G.
  • Annual deductible of $2,800.
  • Significantly cheaper than Medicare Plan G.
  • High Deductible Plan G is considerably cheaper than High Deductible Plan F yet covers everything in High Deductible F except for the Part B deductible. 

Medicare Supplement Plan F 

  • Plan F has the most comprehensive benefit level; however, the beneficiary must have a Medicare start date before 1/1/20.
  • More than 349,200 individuals are enrolled in Plan F in California.

We have determined that Allstate Health Solutions offers the most competitive rate for Medigap Plan G. Cigna Health & Life Insurance Company offers the lowest rates for Plan N and Plan F.

Although these companies may offer competitive prices in California, it is crucial to consider other factors apart from cost when selecting a Medicare Supplement provider. Each company has its distinct strengths and weaknesses based on their coverage methods.

In the following chart, you will find a comparison of Allstate and Cigna with other Medicare Supplement companies in California. It includes helpful information such as sample premiums and ratings.

CompanyAM Best RatingPlan G RatesPlan N RatesPlan K RatesPlan F Rates
Allstate Health SolutionsA+$133.93$184.85n/a$274.28
Anthem BlueCross – CaliforniaA$166.75$179.57n/a$218.76
United World Life Insurance CompanyA+$171.55$134.67n/a$217.45
Cigna Health & Life Insurance CompanyA$175.13$127.29n/a$215.01
Manhattan Life Assurance CompanyB++$179.58$152.58n/a$221.25
Elips Life Insurance CompanyA$185.25$146.75n/a$225.92
United American Insurance CompanyA$213.00$171.00$123.00$266.00
Humana Insurance CompanyA-$257.04$186.08$124.55$312.09
Continental Life Insurance Company of Brentwood, Tennessee (Aetna)A$258.48$185.43n/a$346.11

How Does the California Medigap Birthday Rule Work?

As of January 1, 2020, the Medigap Birthday Rule in California permits beneficiaries of Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) to switch their plans within 60 days of their birthday each year without medical underwriting.

This implies that an individual can opt to change their Medigap policy to one of equal or lesser benefit without having to answer any health-related questions or undergo medical examinations.

This rule allows beneficiaries to reassess their coverage needs and consider cost-effective options, thus offering flexibility and personalized control over their healthcare plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost of Medicare Supplement plans in California?

Medicare Supplement plans can range from $50-$300 per month. Those rates can differ based on your age, level of coverage, and provider.

Who is the best Medicare Supplement provider in California?

Allstate and Cigna offer the most competitive rates. However, various supplemental insurance providers in California may offer a better plan for a particular individual’s needs.

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