Medicare Supplement Plans in California

Medicare Supplement plans in California for 2018 are sold by private insurers and primarily regulated by the California Department of Insurance, but each level of benefits gets standardized by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid or CMS. This makes it simple to compare different companies. Just type your state into our quick online quote form to find the best option for you. Get more information and contact details by clicking through any of the entries in your personalized results.

Medicare Supplement Plans in California for 2018 Landscape

California is a huge state with 4.6 million Medicare beneficiaries. These are mostly senior citizens, but some disabled or ill people also qualify.

Learn more about senior citizens in California:

  • Percent of CA population on Medicare: 12%
  • Percent of seniors in large CA cities:
  • Los Angeles: 10.5
  • San Diego: 10.7
  • San Jose: 10.1
  • San Francisco: 13.6
  • Fresno: 9.3
  • Sacramento: 10.6

Medicare Supplement Plans in California for 2018 Comparisons

The first thing to understand is that you have choices of many different levels that all have standardized coverage. This page on the Medicare website has them all listed, but this summary might help you figure out what to look for:

  • Basic levels: For basic coverage, like inpatient hospital coinsurance, consider plan levels A and B.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Plan level C is considered very rich.
  • Excess charges: Medicare Supplement Plan F and Medicare Plan G will pay more than CMS allows for medical services.
  • High deductibles: You can choose high deductible Medicare plan F or regular Medicare plan F.
  • Cost sharing with cheaper premiums: Levels K, L, & Medigap Plan N help control rates by offering coverage with more cost sharing.
  • Also consider Medicare Supplement plan C in California.

The biggest takeaway from this is that it doesn’t matter if you buy your Medicare Supplement Plan in California from Blue Cross, Humana, or any other quality company. You always get the same coverage, so you are free to shop by price.

These are some top Medicare Supplement plan companies in California that offer Medigap insurance:

Medicare Supplement Plans in California for 2018 and MA Comparisons

Some Advantage policies come with no monthly premium in California, already have Part D bundled inside, and even provide some extra coverage for things like dental or vision. This makes them very attractive to senior citizens who have to manage tight budgets. On the downside, some Advantage insurance forces members to choose providers from a limited network and impose a lot of cost sharing for certain services.

Medicare Supplement plans in CA never include additional features, and you will have to buy a stand-alone prescription plan. However, some Californians like the fact that Medigap plans don’t change every year don’t force them to worry about Medicare PPO or HMO networks and help them reduce and manage their health costs.

The right choice depends on available options in a town or city, preferences for medical providers, and budgets. Cheap rates might seem attractive, but they are only helpful if the plan covers the services that you depend upon for your health. You won’t save money with a no monthly premium option if you have to spend a lot of money out of your pocket.

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