Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Michigan

The ever-increasing enrollees prove that Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan are not bad but provide excellent health insurance coverage.

Number of lives enrolled in Medicare Advantage in Michigan

As of September 2020, 2,104,129 people were enrolled in Medicare in Michigan, almost 21% of the state’s population.

Nearly half of all Medicare beneficiaries in Michigan are enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans in 2021.

Number enrolled by plan specifically the three plans below.

Local HMO – 271,496

Local PPO – 456,215

Regional PPO – 16,507

Percentage of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare advantage in Michigan

Statistics show that 51% of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan, an 11% growth from 2020.

Best Medicare Advantage Plan types in Michigan

Best network freedom: Medicare Advantage PPO

PPO Plans offer a more extensive network and no referrals.

PPO plan premiums range from $0 to $100 monthly.

Best for lowest out-of-pocket cost: Medicare Advantage HMO Plan

HMO premiums are generally $0 monthly.

HMO plans have lower out-of-pocket costs because they use the HMO referral network.

Best for low income or health conditions: Medicare Advantage D-SNIP

Medicare Advantage D-SNIP plans are best for those with very limited income or chronic health conditions.

Enrollees in Medicare Advantage D-SNIP plans can have Medicare and Medicaid to lower out-of-pocket costs on copays, coinsurance, premiums, etc. In addition, deductibles may be little to nothing for those with special circumstances.

How much does Medicare Advantage cost in 2022?

Most States have an HMO plan with a $0 per month premium.

Some states offer a PPO plan with a $0 monthly premium. However, it is increasingly common for PPOs to have premiums.

In 2019, there were 448 MA plans with $0 monthly premiums. One out of five Medicare beneficiaries were enrolled in $0 monthly premium plans.

The average MA monthly premium is $57.39.

When can I enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan in Michigan?

Almost everybody enrolled in Medicare Part A and B can decide to switch to a Michigan Medicare Advantage plan. The only real exception is the special plans for End-Stage Renal Disease ESRD. With that said, timing is critical.

These are some periods when you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan in Michigan, also known as Medicare Part C:

  • Initial Coverage Election Period: Your Initial Coverage Election Period gives you the first chance to compare and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. Most people will decide to select this coverage right around their 65th birthday. However, some folks may have a different ICEP because they delayed Medicare Part B or enrolled early because of a disability.
  • Annual Election Period: Most beneficiaries use the time between October 1 and December 7 to review changes or select a new Medicare Advantage plan in Michigan.
  • Special Election Period: You might also have circumstances that trigger a Special Election Period that lasts for about two months. Moving away from your old insurance company network or losing job-related health insurance might give you an SEP.
  • Medicare Advantage Dis-enrollment Period: This period allows people to drop their Medicare Advantage plan for six weeks at the beginning of each year. If so, these people can simply resume Medicare Part A and Part B. They may also choose Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans at this time.

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Medicare can be very confusing; if you need help with plan selection or getting more detailed information, please reach out to us for additional assistance; we are here to guide you!

Michigan Medicare Resources

Michigan Medicare Plan Statistics

  • Enrollment in a Medicare Advantage plan in Michigan: Over 673,000
  • Percent of all people with Original Medicare who opt for Medicare Part C in Michigan: 34 percent
  • Most popular kind of Michigan Medicare Advantage plans: Local PPOs

This highlights the largest Michigan counties by total population:

  • Wayne County, MI: 1,753,616
  • Oakland County, MI: 1,250,836
  • Macomb County, MI: 871,375
  • Kent County, MI: 648,594
  • Genesee County, MI: 407,385
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