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West Virginia Medicare Supplement Plans

West Virginia is home to over 370,000 Medicare beneficiaries, and many of these elderly and disabled people need to choose between MA plans and Medicare Supplement plans in West Virginia. While the attraction of MA is pretty clear, about one in four still decides that a Medicare Supplement plan suits their needs better. In some cases, little or no monthly premium MA choices will end up costing more because of deductibles, and they may also limit choices of doctors, hospitals, and other health providers.

It isn’t easy to choose the best way to enhance your Original Medicare Part A and Part B benefits, but we can help you compare Medicare Supplement plans in West Virginia.  Just enter your zip code in the quote box to get started.

Choosing the best Medicare Supplement Plans in West Virginia

When you still might be able to find affordable and even no monthly premium MA options, why pick a Medigap plan? MA can be very attractive, and some of these policies even include dental, vision, and drug coverage. However, Medicare Supplement plans in West Virginia can still be a frugal choice even if they always have a monthly premium and never include anything but standard benefits.

Consider the case of Jack, a semi-retired CPA in Wheeling, VA. He knows he will soon need surgery for a minor heart condition and hopes to choose a specialty clinic and hospital in Huntington, VA. This clinic would not be part of any local MA HMOs, and it also charges more than Medicare allows. Even if Jack could save money by joining a local MA plan, he knows a comprehensive Medicare Supplement plan in West Virginia will actually save him money on surgery and hospitalization because it will cover all coinsurance, deductibles, and copays. For Jack, the frugal choice is a Medigap plan and not MA.

Premiums for Medicare Supplement Plans in West Virginia

Before discussing the cost of Medigap plans, it is important to understand how they work. These policies are intended to fill in the gaps for things that Medicare doesn’t fully cover or cover at all. For example, all levels of Medicare Supplement plans in West Virginia include Part A coinsurance, but beyond that, some levels provide much more. That could even include “excess charges.” Excess charges are amounts doctors might charge that are over the amount Medicare approves.

These are some examples of monthly rates on Medicare Supplement plans in West Virginia for a non-smoking man who is 65 and lives in Charleston, VA:

Note: These are only sample quotes. Yours will probably be different because of ZIP code, age and, possibly, health.

That is a decent sample of popular Medicare Supplement plan levels in West Virginia. Plan A is usually considered basic. The two most popular choices in West Virginia, Medicare Supplement Plan G, and F are the most comprehensive as well as the most expensive. Plan K is an example of a Medicare Supplement plan in West Virginia that provides excellent coverage but has more cost sharing and more competitive rates than the most robust options.

Best West Virginia Medigap insurance companies:

Finding the best Medicare Supplement Plans in West Virginia

Your Medigap plan prices will probably not be exactly the same as the examples. This is because insurers can set their prices based on many factors, but they need to provide standard coverage for each level. Your age, lifestyle and the exact location could impact your quotes. For example, a resident of Parkersburg, VA or Morgantown, VA is not likely to get exactly the same Medicare Supplement price quote as our example in Charleston, VA.

However, we work hard to help beneficiaries find the most competitive prices for Medicare Supplement plans in West Virginia from quality companies. The easiest way to do your Medicare Supplement price comparison is to simply enter your zip code in the quote box on this page.

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