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Medicare Supplement Plans in Tennessee

Consider the case of Robert, a recently retired engineer from New South Memphis. While he stays in his hometown most of the time, he prefers to visit the same doctors that he did when he had insurance through an employer. However, this clinic didn’t join any MA HMO or PPO networks and usually charges more than what Medicare limits allow. This is where a Medicare Supplement plan in Tennessee comes in handy.

Instead of changing doctors, Robert decided to buy a Medicare Supplement plan that doesn’t restrict him to a network and pays the difference between the doctor’s bill and the amount Medicare will pay. While the idea of having a no-monthly premium MA plan attracted Robert, he decided he would actually save money and enjoy more freedom by paying higher premiums for a Medigap plan.

Rates for Medicare Supplement Plans in Tennessee

In this state, standard Medicare Supplement plan levels are sold by a variety of private insurance companies. Each plan, from A to N, comes with its own set of benefits. Typically, the options with more coverage also come with higher prices. This means that beneficiaries are free to choose the right balance of monthly prices and coverage to save the most money.

It might help to get an idea of how much supplements cost. For this example, we found rates on Medicare Supplement plans in Tennessee for a male non-smoker who is 65 years old, living in Nashville:

  • Plan K: $74.99
  • Plan G: $108.52
  • Plan F: $146.24

Note: These prices are intended as examples only. Your quotes could vary because of age, location, and sometimes, health underwriting.

Top Medicare Supplement plan companies in TN:

The sample of Medicare Supplement plan levels quoted above includes some popular choices. For example, plan F and Plan N are the most commonly chosen in the United State. Though they tend to be more expensive, they are also the most robust. For example, Plan F includes excess charges or bills over Medicare limits. There is also a high-deductible Medicare Supplement plan that is much cheaper but requires the policy owner to pay the deductible before coverage begins.

We Can Help You Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Tennessee

The biggest takeaway is that each Medicare Supplement plan in Tennessee will be the same from any insurer. The biggest difference is the price. Of course, insurers don’t have to offer every plan in every city, and prices might also vary by location. Medicare recipients who reside in Chattanooga, Memphis, or Knoxville all have somewhat different options. The difference in premiums can really add up, so we try to make it as easy as possible for our website visitors to shop around.

In order to perform a quick Medicare Supplement plan comparison for yourself, you just need to enter state into our quote box. For more information, simply click any one of the entries. If you need further assistance, we also welcome your phone calls.

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