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Medicare Supplement Plans in South Carolina

Interest in Medicare Supplement plans in South Carolina is very high because about 879,000 elderly and disabled residents rely on Original Medicare Part A and Part B to help with medical bills. Even though this large government endowment program offers pretty broad benefits, it doesn’t eliminate all medical bills. People who have Medicare Part A and B only could still have plenty of out-of-pocket costs because of deductibles and copays. That is why the vast majority of beneficiaries have signed up for either MA plans or Medicare Supplement plans in South Carolina.

Seniors today have a lot of choices to make about the best way to enhance their Medicare benefits. By entering your zip code in the quote box on this page, you can quickly request information on local Medicare Supplement plans in South Carolina.

Why Choose Medicare Supplement Plans in South Carolina?

More South Carolinian’s will probably continue to enroll in MA plans. The virtues of low and no monthly premiums and, sometimes, drug and dental benefits are pretty easy to understand. However, Advantage rates and coinsurance have both been rising lately, so the difference in cost between Advantage and some Medicare Supplement plans in SC might not be that great. Also, the most cost-effective Advantage options in South Carolina usually require a strict network of health providers because they are HMOs or PPOs.

Consider the case of Bradley, a self-employed accountant in North Charleston, SC. He and his wife love to travel all over the United States and even to other countries now that he has cut back on his hours after qualifying for Social Security and Medicare. Even though Bradley is fairly healthy, he doesn’t want to worry about the cost of emergency medical care if he is out of town or even out of the country. For him, a Medicare Supplement plan in South Carolina makes sense because it won’t rely upon a local provider network. Also, many Medicare Supplement Plan levels even include coverage for emergencies in other countries.

Premiums for Medicare Supplement Plans in South Carolina

These supplements all come standardized by the federal government, and they are lettered from “A” to “Medicare Plan N.” Each level provides certain essential benefits, like hospital coinsurance, but some levels offer much more. These are some samples of monthly prices for a male who lives in Charleston, SC, is just turning 65 years old and doesn’t smoke:

Note: These are just samples that were pulled at the time of publication. These examples rates on Medicare Supplement plans in South Carolina were drawn from quality Medicare insurance companies that include:

The list above provides a relatively good comparison of popular-level Medicare Supplement plans in South Carolina. For example, Medicare Plan G and Plan F are very popular even though they tend to be more expensive. That is because they offer very robust coverage. Plan A and Plan B are considered basic plans that can help beneficiaries avoid high out-of-pocket expenses. High deductible plan F and plan K have good coverage but require policy owners to share more costs.

Find Premiums for Medicare Supplement Plans in South Carolina

The main thing to take away from this is that all Medicare Supplement plans in South Carolina must provide standard benefits. However, Medicare Supplement companies determine prices. That means it pays to shop around because Medicare plan F is always Plan F, but prices can vary quite a bit. Because insurers may set their prices and plan offerings by the city, Medicare beneficiaries in Columbia, SC may have various choices to make than those in Mt. Pleasant, Rock Hill, or Greenville.

We take the guesswork out of shopping for Medicare Supplement plans in South Carolina. All you need to do is enter your zip code in the quote box on this page to begin.  As always, you are welcome to call our toll-free phone number for more help.  Our Medicare Supplement specialist will walk you through your plan options, provide a company comparison and even help you apply right over the phone.  Call today!

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