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Pennsylvania Medicare Supplement Plans

More Medicare beneficiaries want MA plans these days, but not everybody does. It is true that some Advantage options offer additional benefits and even no monthly premium. Still, these policies may keep their premiums low by forcing members only to visit a small network of doctors and accepting large deductibles or copays. For some people, paying a premium for a Medicare Supplement plan in Pennsylvania might help them save money.

For example, Tammy lives with an adult child in Erie, but she also spends several weekends out of the year with her sister in Reading. However, Tammy has been hospitalized at least twice in the last year, so it isn’t safe for her to rely on a local network in case she needs medical services when she has left town. For her, a supplement with even the primary benefits of hospital coinsurance could help her save thousands just in case she has to go to the hospital again.

Rates on Medicare Supplement Plans in Pennsylvania

Because Advantage prices have been climbing, there might not be as big of a difference between the cost of Medicare Supplement plans in Pennsylvania and Advantage as some people assume. All PA Medigap Plans in have to provide standard benefits, set by plan level. The levels vary in coverage and are named from A to N. Of course, the levels that provide the most coverage are more expensive than the levels that only provide the basics.

While plan A is considered fairly basic, plan C and Medicare Supplement Plan F are considered very comprehensive. Plan level K and Medicare Plan N, for example, provide quite a few benefits but has more cost sharing to keep the prices more affordable. As a note, Plans F and Medigap Plan G, the two most comprehensive and expensive options, are also the most popular choices for seniors who decide to buy a Medicare Supplement plan in Pennsylvania.

It might be helpful to compare some sample PA Medicare Supplement plan prices for a major city in Pennsylvania. These are some examples of prices for a non-smoking woman who is 65 and resides in Philadelphia:

  • High deductible plan F: $89.27
  • Plan F: $224.38

These prices are only samples rates for Medigap Plans in Pennsylvania.

Top Medicare Supplement companies in Pa, include:

A Comparison of Medicare Supplement Plans in Pennsylvania

Supplement prices in Philadelphia are a bit high when compared to many other cities. It is likely that residents of other cities like Allentown may find lower prices, but prices in Pittsburgh are likely to be similar. In some cases, your quotes might depend upon your exact zip code, how old you are, and your health.

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