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By now, most senior citizens have been told about cheap or even no monthly premium Advantage policies. Some of these even contain an additional drug, dental, and vision coverage. Alternatively, Medicare Supplement plans in New Mexico always have premiums and do not cover Part D. However, Medigap plans may be the right choice for many Medicare recipients because they can provide the kinds of benefits that help minimize or even eliminate out-of-pocket health expenses. Also, these standardized Medicare Supplement plans are relatively easy to understand and don’t change every year. You must have your Original Medicare Part A and Part B in place to apply for a plan.

For example, consider Tammy, a widow who lives in Rio Rancho, NM. Because she needs to manage a chronic heart condition, she has been referred to a specialized clinic in Santa Fe, NM. The specialists at this clinic charge more than Medicare says they should and do not belong to any of the major PPO or HMO networks. However, as is often the case, they do accept Medicare Supplement Plans in New Mexico.

If Tammy buys one of the robust Medicare Supplement plans that cover excess charges, like plan F or Medicare Plan G, she doesn’t have to worry about paying extra just to visit the doctor. That saves her money and gives her access to the best doctors for her particular condition.

Comparison of Medicare Supplement Plans in New Mexico

Medicare Supplement plans in this state are all standardized according to CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid, guidelines. They are named easily with letters, and this goes from “A” to “Medicare Plan N.” While every level of Medicare Supplement plan coverage includes certain essential benefits, some levels provide a lot more. In general, the more coverage, the more expensive that level of coverage will be. However, premiums can vary because of other factors too.

Below are example rates for Medicare Supplement plans in New Mexico for a female who is 65 and abstains from using tobacco:

Note: These are just example rates. They were pulled at the time of publication from a variety of New Mexico Medicare Supplement plan insurers that include:

Find Competitive Rates for Medicare Supplement Plans in New Mexico

If you do not remember anything else, it is important to realize that Medigap plans In New Mexico can establish their own prices. They just have to provide the standard benefits for each level. Also, insurers may not offer every Medicare Supplement plan coverage level in every market.

In any area insurers do service, they must offer Medicare plan A and either plan C or Medicare Supplement plan F. To quickly summarize, plan A is considered basic and Plan G and Plan F are two very robust and popular choices.

Both the options and the prices for a recipient in Las Cruces, NM or Enchanted Hills, NM could be unique. However, our online Medicare Supplement quote form makes it easy to request competitive prices for Medicare Supplement plans in New Mexico.  Just enter your zip code in the quote box this page to begin. If you have questions, you are also welcome to call on the toll-free number on this page. We hope to help as many New Mexico beneficiaries as possible find the right Medicare Supplemental insurance at a budget-friendly price!