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Mississippi Medicare Supplement Plans

Mississippi has almost half a million Medicare beneficiaries, and most are quite aware of the value of their health benefits. Most beneficiaries choose either MA plans or Medicare Supplement Plans in Mississippi to maximize their benefits. While Medigap plans help fill in to cover some costs that Medicare either doesn’t completely cover or cover at all. You must have Medicare Part A and Part B in place in order to consider a Medigap plan.

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Who Selects Medicare Supplement Plans in Mississippi?

It might be hard to understand why Mississippi residents would choose a Medicare Supplement plan over a cheap or even no monthly premium Advantage plan. However, Medigap plans free recipients from concerns over HMO networks, and sometimes they cover deductibles, coinsurance, and co-pays.

For example, John lives in a condo near the beach in Gulfport, MS six months out of the year. During the winter, he retreats back to his family home in South Haven.

For a Medicare beneficiary such as John, a Medicare Supplement Plan G can give him the coverage and peace of mind he craves. Some Medicare Supplement plans in Mississippi cover emergency care in foreign countries; a benefit left out of original Medicare. Some also include “excess charges,” or coverage for bills that are higher than the payment limits set by Medicare.

Quick Comparisons of Medicare Supplement Plans in Mississippi

Medicare Supplement plans have all been standardized by CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. Each Medigap plan level has slightly different benefits, and they range from the basic to the very robust. To understand this better, consider this summary:

  • A: Any insurance companies that offer any Medicare Supplement plans in MS have to offer plan A.
  • A and C: These are considered the two most comprehensive levels of coverage, and one of these has to be provided by an insurer where other levels are provided.
  • Levels K to Level N: These newer coverage levels may offer cheaper premiums in return for some cost sharing by policy owners.

As with other types of health insurance, recipients have to balance premiums against benefits. To help, consider these sample monthly Mississippi Medicare Supplement plan prices for a woman who lives in Jackson, MS is turning 65 and does not smoke:

Note: The sample prices on the list were pulled from competitive insurers at the time this article was published, and they are only meant as examples.  The most popular options for are generally Plan F and Plan G.

These are some of the major companies offering Medicare Supplement plans in Mississippi:

How to Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Mississippi

The main thing to remember is that different Medicare Supplement plan levels are standardized to offer the same benefits, but insurers are free to set their prices. This means savvy consumers are advised to shop around because these monthly prices can vary by quite a bit within the same state and city. For example, Medicare beneficiaries in Biloxi, Southaven, and Hattiesburg, MS could find that Medigap plan rates differ by a lot. There is also no guarantee all insurers will offer the same plans in any one city.

To help our visitors make a quick comparison of Medicare Supplement plans in Mississippi, just enter your zip code in the quote box on the page to begin. You are also welcome to call us if you have further questions.

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