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Maryland Medicare Supplement Plans

The “Old Line State” of Maryland has a sizeable proportion of older residents. In fact, about 14 percent of the state’s population gets Medicare benefits, and most of these beneficiaries are senior citizens. According to statistics, almost all Maryland beneficiaries enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan in Maryland to enhance the coverage provided by Part A and Part B of the original Medicare plan. While available options might include job-based health insurance or other public medical insurance, most people choose between MA plans and Medicare Supplement plans in Maryland.

Medicare Supplement plan options may vary by location as well as individual needs and budgets. Why not take advantage of our quote tool to compare Medicare Supplement plans in Maryland for a quick comparison? Please select your state in the form to get started.

Suitable candidates for Maryland Medicare Supplement Plans

While Advantage policies are attractive to many local senior citizens who have to cope with tight budgets, they aren’t the prudent choice for everybody. For example, Selma lives in Waldorf. She recovered from the worst of her cancer about five years previously. However, Selma still needs to make frequent trips to Columbia and even outside of the state to see specialists.

Most cheap Advantage PPOs or HMOs would leave these visits uncovered because they would be outside of the local network. For Selma, a Medicare Supplement plan save money even if premiums are higher than they are for Advantage.

Understanding Medicare Supplement Plans in Maryland

In Maryland and all over the country, Medicare Supplement plans are sold by private insurers but must conform to the standard levels that were established by CMS, or the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. As you probably already know, these different coverage levels are each labeled with a letter from A to N. All levels must cover Part A hospital and hospice coinsurance, Part B coinsurance, and the first three blood pints when needed for an inpatient procedure. Beyond that, coverage can vary quite a bit.

Each level is slightly different, and here are some examples:

  • Medicare Supplement plan F & Plan G: These are the first and second most popular choices, offer broad protection, and are usually the most expensive. Insurance companies have to offer one of these options if they offer other Medicare Supplement plans in Maryland.
  • A: Not to be confused with part A, Plan A provides basic coverage and must be provided by insurers that offer other Medicare Supplements.
  • N: This level also provides broad protection but has more cost sharing to keep monthly rates lower.

Medigap Plans in Maryland – Premiums

Before choosing one Medicare Supplement in Maryland plan over another, it will be helpful to compare prices. When you consider the level of benefits, prices might be surprisingly modest. These are sample Medicare Supplement plan prices for a woman in Baltimore, Maryland who does not use tobacco and is just turning 65 years old:

Note that these are merely sample prices, and your own will depend upon your city, age, and the insurer that you choose. For these examples, we selected competitive prices from these top Maryland Medigap insurance companies:

Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Maryland

The first thing to know is that options will vary by exact location within the state. Insurers don’t have to offer every level in every city or town within Maryland. Also, prices will vary between big cities and small towns. For example, residents of Germantown will have different options than Medicare beneficiaries who live in Silver Springs.

We make it as easy as possible for you to run a quick Medigap plan insurance comparison. Just enter your state the quote form to begin. If you need additional assistance, you can always call us on our 800 number.

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