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Louisiana Medicare Supplement Plans

In Louisiana, an incredible 15 percent of the total population relies upon Medicare to help pay medical bills and a lot of them will be looking into Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana. While most beneficiaries are elderly, some qualify because of a serious illness or disability. Out of these beneficiaries, almost all of them also have another plan that helps to pay for things that Part A and B of original Medicare won’t completely cover or even cover at all. While some choose MA plans, others select Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana.

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Who Chooses Medicare Supplement Plans in Louisiana?

Consider some examples of beneficiaries who might be best served with a Medicare Supplement plan. Ann is a widow who has just moved to Metairie, LA so she could live near her grandchildren and grown children who live in Metairie Terrace, LA. She is relatively healthy but would rather not choose a medical provider network as she has not had a chance to check out local doctors and hospitals. She frequently travels back to her original home in Shreveport, LA to visit old friends and participate in activities in her old church.

In her case, a cost-sharing Medicare Supplement plan in Louisiana, like Medicare Plan N, provides her with the perfect balance between protecting her financing and keeping rates relatively low. Ann doesn’t have to worry about a provider network, so she can find doctors wherever she goes. Since Medicare Plan N can be used at any provider that accepts Medicare throughout the country, Ann also doesn’t have to shop for doctors by price.

A Comparison of Medicare Supplement Plans in Louisiana and MA Plans

Some Louisianans are attracted to no monthly premium MA policies that provide benefits through an HMO or PPO network or health providers. However, these policies tend to change from year to year and still include deductibles and potentially high out-of-pocket charges.

Meanwhile, Medicare Supplement plans Louisiana provide very consistent benefits. The high-coverage ones can steeply reduce or even eliminate the risk of paying any medical bills out of pocket. The main thing to understand is that Advantage policies replace Part A and Part B, but Medigap plans work with traditional Medicare to cover the gaps.

To understand this, it might help to summarize the most popular levels of Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana. These are all standardized by CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid, and they are called by letter names that range from level A to level N:

  • Level A: This is considered the basic level, and it must be offered by insurers that provide any levels in a service area.
  • Medicare Supplement Plan F: This is one of the most robust and most popular levels, and it includes coverage for foreign travel, excess charges, and all of the standard coverage.
  • Level C: This is also considered a very strong choice and very popular.
  • Levels K, L, & N: These options offer broad coverage but require more cost-sharing to help keep premiums more modest.

Note that there is also a high deductible Medicare Supplement plan F that is often the cheapest choice in an area. Also, Medicare Supplement Plan G is almost the same as plan F and slightly less expensive. Cost-sharing options have become more popular, and that might particularly be true with relatively healthy seniors who just want to protect their finances against an emergency illness or accident.

Rates on Medicare Supplement Plans in Louisiana

To make a good choice, it might be helpful to view some sample monthly premiums for Medigap plans in Louisiana. These examples are selected for a 65-year-old female in New Orleans, LA who never uses tobacco products:

  • Plan F with a high deductible: $75.83
  • Plan F with no deductible: $164.00
  • Plan C: $218.76
  • Medicare Supplement Plan N: $124.85
  • Plan A: $134.47
  • Plan G: Call for price

Note: These merely sample prices, and your quotes will depend upon Zip code, age, and sometimes, your health.

Competitive Louisiana Medicare Supplement insurers that could include:

Of course, your Medicare Supplement plan rates in Louisiana and policy choices may depend upon exactly where you live. For example, beneficiaries in Lafayette, LA will have different options than seniors in Baton Rouge, LA. We make it easy to find and compare Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana with our quick quote form. To begin, just enter your home state in the form on this page. If you have more questions, you are welcome to contact us via our free phone number.  Our Medicare Supplement specialist can help you compare rates and companies as well as help you apply right over the phone.  Give us a call today!

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