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Kentucky Medicare Supplement Plans

More than 700,000 Kentuckians enjoy Original Medicare Part A and Part B benefits, common choices are MA plans, Medicare Supplement plans in Kentucky, and for those who have not yet retired, job-based medical insurance. For most local beneficiaries, the choice comes down to MA, vs. Medicare Supplement plans in Kentucky

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Which Beneficiaries Choose Medicare Supplement Plans in Kentucky?

While MA policies are an attractive alternative for many Kentucky retirees, they are not the best solution for every beneficiary. Consider the situation of a Sarah in Meads, Kentucky. She waited until age 68 to retire from her job, so she is taking both Medicare and social security late.

However, Sarah got used to the doctors that accepted her old work policy, and these doctors are not on any plan networks for local MA plans. For her, the freedom to pick her doctors and cover excess charges, or bills higher than MA limits, is worth somewhat higher premiums for a Medicare Supplement plan in Kentucky. The reality is that all doctors do not work with MA plans.

Quick Comparison of the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Kentucky

In some ways, Medicare Supplement plans in Kentucky are similar to other kinds of health insurance. The price could depend on age, location, insurance company, the level of coverage, and in some cases, health. However, it might be helpful to compare sample prices of different Medicare Supplement levels in Kentucky for a woman in the Lexington-Fayette Metro Area who does not smoke:

Note: These are only samples that were picked from the most competitive companies that offer Medicare Supplement plans in Kentucky.

Top companies that were considered include the following:

Sample of popular levels of Medicare Supplement plans in Kentucky.

All the levels, A to Medicare Plan N, have been standardized by the government. This brief summary might help you compare your choices:

  • level F and C tend to be the most expensive because they provide comprehensive coverage, but they are also usually the most expensive.
  • Level A is considered primary coverage, and insurers have to offer this level if they offer any other levels in a particular area.
  • Other Medicare Supplement plans in Kentucky may provide good coverage but require more cost-sharing, so the monthly price will be cheaper.

Choosing the right option requires balancing expected health needs against premiums. For example, some options offer emergency care in foreign countries. That would be handy for retirees who plan to travel. Other levels cover excess charges or fees over Medicare limits, and that would be handy for folks who like to choose their doctors.

Interestingly, over half of Medicare Supplement plan owners choose plan F. Medicare Supplement Plan G is the second most popular level. This is true even though these options are the most expensive. However, the rich benefits help beneficiaries reduce or even eliminate out-of-pocket costs.

Which Medicare Supplement Plan in Kentucky Should You Pick?

Regardless of where you live in this state, be it Ironville, Louisville, or Lexington, you are bound to have several insurers competing for your business. The fastest way to compare insurers and plan levels is to use our quote form. To begin shopping for Medicare Supplement plans in Kentucky, just enter your zip code in the box on this page.

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