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Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas 2021

Medicare Supplement plans in Kansas are the solution for out-of-pocket costs that come with the federal Medicare program. If you only sign up for basic Medicare benefits, you will pay coinsurance, copayments, excess charges, and deductibles. The leading Medicare Supplement plans in Kansas will cancel most if not all of those expenses.

What are the Top 5 Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas?

Every beneficiary must compare Kansas Medigap policies to determine the best pick for their personal needs. There are 12 plan options in Kansas, but five stand out as the best options for most beneficiaries.

1. Best full coverage: Medicare Plan F

  • Plan F is only available to beneficiaries with an Original Medicare effective date prior to January 1, 2020
  • Covers the widest range of out-of-pocket expenses, including coinsurance, copayments, Part B excess charges, and deductibles for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B
  • Includes foreign travel emergency care

2. Best comprehensive plan: Medicare Plan G

  • The most comprehensive option for beneficiaries with a Medicare Part B effective date after January 1, 2020
  • Offers the same coverage as Medicare Plan F except it only includes the Medicare Part A deductible
  • Beneficiaries must pay the Medicare Part B deductible out of pocket

3. Best value: Medicare Plan N

  • Plan N covers Part B coinsurance with the exception of copayments for doctor’s office and emergency room visits
  • Emergency room visit copayment up to $50
  • Doctor’s office visit copayment up to $20

4. Best deductible plan: High-Deductible Plan F

  • Same comprehensive benefits as Plan F for beneficiaries with Medicare Part B effective dates prior to January 1, 2020
  • Low monthly premiums
  • Must pay the annual deductible before gaining access to complete benefits
  • In 2021, the deductible is $2,370. The plan will cover 100% of the costs after the deductible is met.

5. Best for lowest premiums: High-Deductible G

  • Same comprehensive benefits as Plan G for beneficiaries with Medicare Part B start dates on or after January 1, 2020.
  • Low monthly premiums
  • Must pay the annual deductible before gaining access to complete benefits
  • In 2021, the deductible is $2,370. The plan will cover 100% of the costs after the deductible is met.

What is the Best Supplemental Insurance to go with Medicare?

Your health care needs are unique, so your choice in supplemental Medicare coverage is personal. We can help you compare plan options by answering some of the most frequently asked Medigap questions. Our Policy Guides are also available to provide more personalized guidance for Medigap plans and Medicare Part D plans.

What is the most popular Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Kansas for 2021?

Medicare Plan F was the most popular Kansas Medigap policy for many years. Now that most NEW beneficiaries are ineligible for that plan, Medicare Plan G is quickly becoming the favored plan.

Which plan has the best benefits in Kansas?

Plans F and G offer the most comprehensive benefits and will reduce out-of-pocket costs the most. These are the only two plans that cover Part B excess charges. Plan F is a bit more comprehensive than G because it covers the Medicare Part B deductible.

How do I choose the best plan?

Most Kansas beneficiaries will receive adequate coverage when selecting from Medicare Plans N, G, and F. Start by comparing the policy limits and benefits for these leading plans and securing quotes to see what rates you can expect from each.

Once you know your options, select the plan that best fits your budget while reducing your overall expenses and simplifying your health care coverage.

Which Medigap company offers the best rates in Kansas?

Each Medicare insurance company sets rates according to zip code and other factors. The most affordable company in one location may be one of the most expensive options in another location. Our policy guides can help you determine the best insurer in your zip code for the policy that best fits your needs.

What is the Average Cost for a Medicare Supplement Plan in Kansas for 2021?

The cost of a Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Kansas depends on zip code, age, tobacco use, and other personal factors. To illustrate current rates, the following data is based on quotes for a female nonsmoker at the age of 65 who lives in Kansas zip code 66106.

  • Medicare Plan G – $119.99 – $163.22 monthly premiums range – $140 average
  • Medicare Plan N – $89.21 – $149.10 monthly premium range – $115 average
  • High-Deductible G – $32.33 – $48.98 monthly premium range – $43 average

Common Kansas Medicare Supplement Plan Questions

What Companies Sell Medigap Plans in Kansas?

There are many private insurance companies authorized to sell Medigap plans in Kansas, but only a few stand out for consistency in pricing, excellent to superior financial health, and dependable customer care. We recommend most beneficiaries select a Medicare insurance company from the following short list when selecting a Medigap insurance policy.

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Mutual of Omaha

When Can I Apply for a Kansas Medicare Supplement Plan?

Your eligibility for a Medigap plan in Kansas starts when you turn 65 and sign up for your basic social security benefits. The best time to enroll is during your Medigap Open Enrollment Period, which lasts for six months and starts the month that you sign up for Medicare Part B. You should enroll in a Part D prescription drug plan at the same time.

During the open enrollment period, private health insurance companies are required to give you the following guaranteed issue rights:

  • They must accept your application for the Medigap plan of your choice.
  • They cannot put your application through medical underwriting. That means your rates are not based on pre-existing conditions.
  • They cannot cancel your insurance or increase your rates based on health conditions as long as you pay your monthly premiums.

Which is better, Medigap Plan G or Plan N?

You will receive solid Medicare coverage with either Plan G or N. The main difference is the out-of-pocket medical expenses covered by the plan. There are copays for Plan N while Plan G covers everything except the deductible for Part B. Both policies require Medicare beneficiaries to secure a Medicare Part D plan for prescription drug coverage.

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Medicare Supplement insurance plans are also known as Medigap plans because they’re designed to fill the gaps in Original Medicare’s basic benefits. Those gaps create out-of-pocket costs that many beneficiaries struggle to cover.

When you enroll in a Medigap plan in Kansas, you trade some or all of those expenses for a monthly premium. The policies are offered by private insurance companies, so working with a licensed insurance agent is essential to getting the best rates on your supplemental Medicare insurance policy.

There are some medical benefits that Medigap policies won’t cover:

  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Dental

Is Plan G the Best Medigap Plan in Kansas?

How Much Does Plan G Cost?

Medicare beneficiaries will receive different premiums, depending on their location and some personal factors. For example, consider the following average Plan G rate quotes for a 65-year-old woman who doesn’t smoke, based on two different Kansas zip codes.

  • Zip code 66106 – $140 per month
  • Zip code 66027 – $136 per month

What is the Plan G Deductible in 2021?

There is no deductible for Plan G. There is a Part A deductible, which the plan covers. The Part B deductible is not included in plan limits, and it is $203 for 2021.

What does Medigap Plan G Cover in Kansas?

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Kansas Enrollment Statistics

  • The five largest counties in Kansas are Johnson County, Sedgwick County, Shawnee County, Wyandotte County and Douglas County.
  • In 2018, there were over 500,000 Original Medicare insurance beneficiaries in Kansas. That reflects an increase in beneficiaries since 2015.
  • Approximately 233,000 of the 2018 Medicare beneficiaries were enrolled in Medicare Supplement plans in Kansas.
Key Take Aways
  • There are 10 Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas to choose from.
  • In Kansas, Medicare Supplement Plan G is the most popular plan.
  • Medigap Plans do not use a network, go wherever Original Medicare is excepted.
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