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Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas

Consider an example of a couple who may benefit from a Medicare Supplement plan in Kansas. Louis and Dawn are enjoying their retirement home in Wichita. However, they still enjoy spending time with grandchildren in Topeka, a daughter in Kansas City, and family members in other parts of the country. In addition, Louis needs to schedule frequent appointments to help manage diabetes, a condition he does not always have fully in control.

For couples like this, a robust Medicare Supplement plan in Kansas may actually help them save money because it can help control out-of-pocket medical costs. Also, it will not force them to choose network providers as an HMO or PPO MA plan would. Even though a robust Medicare Supplement plan might have higher premiums than an Advantage plan, it may cost them more because of the deductibles, copays, and provider restrictions.

A Comparison of Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas

Medicare Supplements work differently than Advantage does. If you choose an Advantage plan, it replaces Part A and B of original Medicare. If you choose a Medigap plan, it will work with original Medicare to pay for things that Part A and B either do not cover at all or don’t totally cover.

While many Kansas residents enjoy Advantage options, they may have to pay deductibles or copays if they do need medical services. Some of the best Medicare Supplement plans in Kansas may end up cheaper if they can eliminate this concern. Also, benefits have remained very predictable each year, so beneficiaries know what to expect.

CMS specifies the benefits provided by each level of coverage. These levels have names from A to Medicare plan N, and this helps summarize some of the most popular options:

  • Medigap Plan F: By far, this level of coverage is most popular. It is the most robust and expensive Medicare Supplement plan option, but there is also a high deductible plan F that is cheaper.
  • Medicare Plan G: This is the second most popular level, and it is also fairly comprehensive and expensive.
  • Plan A & B: These are usually considered the most basic plans. If insurers offer any levels, they have to offer Plan A. Notably, these levels should not be confused with Part A and B of Medicare.

Note that insurers also have to offer either Medicare Supplement plan level F or level Medigap plan C is they offer any other options in a service area.

These are example Medicare Supplement plan prices for a woman in Wichita, KS who is 65 and never smokes:

  • High deductible plan F: $61.19
  • Medicare Plan F: $152.83
  • Plan C: $186.22
  • Plan A: $119.16

Note: These are only example prices from selected Medicare Supplement insurers, and each individual needs to get their own quotes.

Medicare Supplement companies to consider, are:

How to Find Local Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas?

Residents of rural areas, smaller cities like Olathe, or suburban areas like Overland Park will all have different choices of Medicare Supplement plans and medical providers. Additionally, even in the same ZIP code, insurers may set very different prices for the same Medicare Supplement plan in Kansas. This is why our online Medicare Supplement insurance quotes are particularly helpful.

All you need to do is enter your state into the box on this page to get started. If you have more questions, you are also welcome to contact us on our toll-free phone line.

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