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Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Iowa

If you’re about to be enrolled in Original Medicare, it’s time to find the best Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa for your situation. When you take time to compare various ways to maximize your Medicare benefits, you have a good chance to find the best Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Iowa for your unique needs. For example, you will want to find affordable premiums for a Medigap plan that will control the largest Medicare Part A and Part B coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles. With that in mind, learn more about the way Medigap policies work in Iowa.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Iowa Overview

It’s natural to wonder what other Medicare beneficiaries in the state do with their Medicare health plan benefits. It might first help to look at some facts about Iowa Medicare and Medigap policies:

  • Close to half a million Iowa residents are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.
  • Just about half of all Medicare beneficiaries buy Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa.
  • Traditionally, Plan F has been the most popular of the Medigap plans in Iowa.
  • The five largest Iowa counties include Polk, Linn, Scott, Johnson, and Black Hawk.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Iowa to Compare

For you, the best Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Iowa will be the one that helps you control healthcare costs for reasonable premiums. Some people would prefer to buy more expensive coverage to minimize unplanned expenses, but others would prefer to save some money on their monthly premiums and take the chance they may have to pay modest bills when they need healthcare services.

These are a few tips that can help you compare Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa:

  • As noted above, Medicare Supplement Plan F has proven to be the most popular of the Iowa Medigap plans. Out of ten standard Medigap plans in Iowa, Plan F offers the best benefits and typically costs the most. Even with higher rates, it’s attractive to people who would prefer to pay a manageable premium and know that they will seldom have to worry about out-of-pocket medical expenses.  It even covers Medicare Part B excess charges that many other Medicare plans do not.
  • Recently, more people have been opting for such Iowa Medigap plans as Medicare Plan N and G because they have lower premiums and still provide broad coverage. Medicare Plan G is identical to Plan F, aside from it not covering the Medicare Part B deductible.
  • New high deductible plan variations are gaining popularity as well.  They are typically the least expensive options available but will have higher out of pocket costs when utilized. Our licensed insurance agents can help confirm availability in your area.

As you compare the coverage and rates of various Medigap plans in Iowa, remember that they won’t cover most prescriptions. You can buy a Part D prescription drug plan from the Medicare insurance company that you purchased your Medigap plan from. You’re also free to shop around and purchase Part D from another health insurance company.

Sometimes, your choice for the best Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Iowa won’t be the same as your preference for drug coverage. In any case, you will need to have a drug plan to get a prescription benefit and avoid possible penalties later.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Iowa: When Can I Enroll?

To enroll in Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa, you just need Part A and B of Original Medicare insurance. With that said, you can benefit from enrolling during a Guaranteed Enroll Period. During those times, the insurance company cannot charge a beneficiary higher rates or decline them for suffering from a pre-existing medical condition. At other times, a Medicare insurance company will still accept relatively applicants; however, it’s possible to avoid health underwriting by timing enrollment well.

These tips should help you time your enrollment for Iowa Medicare Supplement insurance plans:

  • The Initial Enrollment Period lasts for about six months, and this starts shortly before you first qualify for Original Medicare insurance.
  • You could still qualify for another Medigap Open Enrollment Period if you lose prior coverage because of a job loss, a move, and so on.

To be sure you get the most competitive premium rates and acceptance into your choice of Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa, it’s best to take advantage of these guaranteed enrollment times. Again, you still may get accepted for Medicare Supplement insurance plans at other times, but you won’t have a guarantee.

Note: Medicare Advantage plans are not the same as Medicare Supplement plans.  Our licensed agents can assist with exploring both paths.

Resources for Iowa Medicare and Medigap

If you struggle to pay your premium rates for drug or health insurance, this resource may help you:

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