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Iowa Medicare Supplement Plans

Of the hundreds of thousands of local beneficiaries, about 25 percent decide to supplement their Original Medicare Part A and Part B benefits with a Medicare Supplement plan in Iowa. Some opt for Medicare Advantage, employer health insurance, and other public medical programs. Iowa colorfully called the Hawkeye state, Iowa provides a home for well over 400,000 Medicare beneficiaries. Even though Part A and B provide fairly broad coverage, they don’t pay for everything. Without some way to enhance benefits, local beneficiaries could still face high out-of-pocket bills.

The best Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa could depend upon your age, budget, where you live, and your preferences. Just enter your zip code to begin.

What Makes Seniors Choose Medicare Supplement Plans in Iowa?

Don has just moved to Sioux City to live nearer to his grandchildren. He isn’t familiar with local doctors and medical provider networks, but he already knows that he needs routine care to help manage a heart condition that he has been hospitalized for twice in the past.

When considering Dan’s medical needs, robust Medicare Supplement Plan F in Iowa that will minimize out-of-pocket costs and do not require Dan to choose a network provider might be the most sensible choice even if they cost slightly more every month than MA. Don knows that premiums are just part of the total health care costs that he must consider.

Why Choose a Medicare Supplement Plan in Iowa over MA Plans?

Of course, many Iowans select Medicare Advantage, also called MA. There are still some no monthly premium MA options that might even include Part D and other optional benefits that are not covered by Part A and Part B of Original Medicare. Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa always have a premium, never include Part D, and only provide the benefits that have been defined by CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid.

However, since Medicare Supplement plans don’t have PPO or HMO medical networks and provide consistent benefits, they give policy owners more choices of doctors and other medical professionals. Also, some can eliminate or significantly reduce the risk of having large bills to pay out of pocket, and they end up saving beneficiaries money.

To understand how Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa work, consider this summary of standard Iowa level options:

  • Popular: The most popular options are Medicare Plan F and Medicare Plan G because these two choices offer very comprehensive coverage.
  • Cost sharing: Some options might be a bit cheaper and require more cost-sharing, and these include Plan K, L, and Medicare Plan N.
  • Basic: Basic coverage, like hospital and nursing coinsurance, are included in Plan A or Plan B.

Sample Rate Comparisons for Medicare Supplement Plans in Iowa

Since Medigap plan levels are standardized, it makes perfect sense to shop around by price. Consider these sample rates for a female, 65-year-old, Des Moines resident who does not smoke cigarettes:

  • High deductible plan F: $52.46
  • Plan F: $156.04
  • Plan K: $69.94
  • Plan C: $152.95

Note about prices: These are just samples that were selected from quality insurers in Iowa. These Iowa Medicare Supplement plan providers also offer MA and Part D, and they include:

Comparing Medicare Supplement Plans in Iowa

It does not matter if you live in Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, or 5 miles away from your next neighbor. All Iowa residents need to compare local choices. Enter your zip code in the quote box to get started comparing Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa. If you need more help, you are always welcome to pick up the phone and call us.

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