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Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Indiana – F, G & N Benefits

If you live in Indiana and are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you are eligible to compare and enroll in the best Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Indiana. Although many healthcare costs are covered by Original Medicare insurance, there are certain expenses that Medicare beneficiaries are expected to pay, including:

•    Copayments.

•    Deductibles.

•    Coinsurance.

Medicare Supplement plans cover these gaps that Medicare does not pay. Each state can set its own criteria for Medigap policies as long as they meet the minimum federal standards. Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Indiana exceed federal standards.

Medicare Supplement insurance plans are sold by private insurance companies who set their own rates for premiums. The minimum benefits offered for each plan are standardized. However, it pays to compare the cost of plans offered by different companies because rates differ. Selecting the best Medicare Supplement plan in Indiana depends on which benefits best suit your needs and the cost of premiums.

Best Types of Medicare Supplement Plans in Indiana

There are 10 standard Medicare Supplement insurance plans authorized by the federal government. Indiana offers all 10. Each plan covers specific expenses that Original Medicare insurance does not pay. Because plans are standardized, the benefits provided for each are the same regardless of which insurance company sells the policy. However, each company sets its own rates for a plan, so it is best to compare prices before you select an insurer.

What determines the best Medicare Supplement plan in Indiana varies from individual to individual. It is important to evaluate your needs as you consider the benefits offered by the 10 Medigap plans in Indiana. If you need help in understanding the benefits offered for each plan and the rates for a policy, contact Indiana’s State Health Insurance Assistance Program.

Benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan F in Indiana:

When looking for the most popular Medicare plans, you will surely come across information about Medigap Plan F in Indiana. This is the only Indiana Medicare Supplement plan that is available as either a standard or high deductible option. Of all of the plan options available for those enrolled in the federal Medicare program, this is the most popular. The benefits you can enjoy with this plan are listed here:

  • Part A hospital coinsurance
  • Hospital costs up to 365 days after benefits through Original Medicare are exhausted
  • Part A hospice care copays or coinsurance
  • Part A deductible
  • Part B deductible
  • Part B preventive office visit coinsurance
  • Part B coinsurance or copays
  • Excess charges for Medicare Part B
  • First three pints of blood needed for a medical procedure
  • Coinsurance for care in a skilled nursing facility
  • Limited foreign travel emergency care

These are standardized benefits. This means that whether you purchase this plan from UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield or another company, you’ll have the same Medicare benefits on top of your Medicare coverage without worrying about different out of pocket limits or other differences in coverage. The only difference from company to company is the cost, so shopping around is essential to find the lowest monthly premiums.

Benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan G in Indiana:

Americans who want robust benefits but who want lower rates than what is offered for Plan F should explore Medigap Plan G in Indiana. The plan is almost exactly the same, but it’s cheaper. The difference in premiums makes up for the additional out of pocket costs for Plan G for most people.

  • Does NOT cover Medicare Part B deductible 

Benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan N in Indiana:

If you’re okay with a plan that doesn’t cover the Part B excess charges and that requires you to pay some of the costs when visiting the doctor or emergency room, you may like Medigap Plan N in Indiana.

It has more benefits than a standard Plan A policy, but it’s more affordable than some of the other plans available for Medicare beneficiaries in the United States, such as Plan F or Plan G.

  • Does NOT cover Part B Deductible
  • Does NOT cover Excess Charges for Part B
  • Requires $20 copay for office visits
  • Requires $50 copay for emergency room visits

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Indiana: When Can I Enroll?

Federal law allows you to enroll in a Medigap plan without penalty during your Medigap open enrollment period. This six-month period occurs when you enroll in Medicare Part B. Most people enroll in Medicare Part B when they turn 65. During this time, applicants can enroll in any of the Medigap policies offered in their state regardless of:

•    Age.

•    Gender.

•    Preexisting health conditions.

The premium rate of a policy cannot be based on preexisting medical conditions if you enroll during this initial enrollment period. There are other federally mandated periods of guaranteed issue rights as well.

Each state can expand the circumstances for guaranteed issue rights beyond federal requirements. Indiana offers guaranteed issue rights if you do not enroll in Medicare Part B when you turn 65 because you continue to work and are covered by a health insurance plan through your employer. If you are older than 65 and are covered by your working spouse’s health insurance plan, you can delay enrollment in Part B until this coverage stops. In these circumstances, your six-month open enrollment period begins when you enroll in Medicare Part B regardless of your age.

In certain circumstances, a Medicare insurance company can implement a six-month waiting period for coverage of preexisting conditions. The Medigap plan you choose will be in effect immediately, and benefits guaranteed under Medicare Part A and Part B will be in effect. However, the company may not pay out-of-pocket expenses for preexisting conditions during this waiting period.

If you do not enroll in a Medicare supplement plan during your open enrollment period or under other conditions of guaranteed issue rights, an insurer can:

•    Refuse to issue a policy.

•    Impose a waiting period.

•    Charge more for a policy.

•    Require medical underwriting.

Know that no matter when you buy your plan or which company you choose, Part D prescription drug coverage will not be included. Instead of being included in your plan, prescription drug plans have to be purchased separately. You can talk to an insurance agent about signing up for Medicare Part D so that you’ll have this coverage.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Indiana: Enrollment Statistics

The population of Indiana in 2015 was 6,619,680. There were 873,518 people enrolled in Original Medicare in Indiana in 2017, or 17 percent of the population. Of these, 83 percent were eligible because of age, and 17 percent were eligible due to disabilities. Indiana spent $10,714 per Medicare beneficiary in 2015, ranking 19th in the nation. In 2015, 336,630 people had Medigap plans in Indiana.

The five counties with the highest population in Indiana in 2015 were:

•    Marion County 939,020

•    Lake County 487,865

•    Allen County 368,450

•    Hamilton County 309,697

•    St. Joseph County 268,441

The number of enrollees in Original Medicare in 2017 in these five counties were:

•    Marion County 97,954

•    Lake County 66,018    

•    Allen County 35,123

•    Hamilton County 30,186

•    St. Joseph County 32,668

In December 2016, the most popular Medicare Supplement plans in Indiana and number of beneficiaries were:

•    Plan F 216,579

•    Plan G 65,772

•    Plan N    41,206

•    Plan C    11,379

•    Plan J    8,998

By evaluating the benefits of each policy and the rates charged by each insurer, you can decide which is the best Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Indiana for you.

Indiana Medicare Resources

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