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Medicare Supplement Plans in Indiana

Should you compare Medicare Supplement plans in Indiana? Here in the Hoosier State, about 14 percent of our residents rely upon Original Medicare Part A and B to help pay for health expenses. Most eligible recipients qualify as seniors, but some qualify as disabled Americans. Either way, a Medicare Supplement plan can fill in the gaps of traditional Medicare.

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Who Is Buying Medicare Supplement Plans in Indiana?

Paula and Dan are a married couple who have chosen to sell their home in Hammond to enjoy the full-time RV lifestyle. While they intend to spend ample time in Indiana, they also hope to travel around the country during the summer. They may even cross the border into Canada or Mexico. For this couple, Medicare Supplement plans can provide a better option than MA plans because Paula and Dan will not have to worry about PPO and HMO networks.  They can even enjoy emergency medical care in foreign countries depending on their plan selection.

A Short Comparison of Medicare Supplement Plans in Indiana vs. MA Plans

Of course, Advantage policies, also called MA, are slightly more popular than Medicare Supplement plans in Indiana. It is still possible to find no monthly premium MA options. Also, some MA choices offer prescription coverage and some additional benefits. It is easy to understand why this choice appeals to many retired Indianans.

On the other hand, a Medicare Supplement plan will always have a monthly rate, never include any benefits beyond the standardized ones for the plan level, and don’t include Part D. Still, many beneficiaries find that these “gap” policies actually save them money because they are very consistent every year.  They can eliminate the risk of large out-of-pocket bills, and don’t rely upon PPO and HMO medical provider networks.

Medicare Supplement plans in Indiana have all been standardized by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid or CMS. Beneficiaries can choose Medigap plan levels that are named with letters from “A” through “N.”

Consider this quick summary of the most popular choices:

  • Plan A: This is considered basic coverage and must be offered if an insurer offers any plan levels in a service area.
  • Plan C and Medicare Supplement Plan F: These are considered very robust, are the most popular choices, and insurers have to offer one of these if they offer any other options.
  • Medicare Supplement Plan G: This is very similar to F but doesn’t cover the Part B deductible, so it is usually a bit cheaper.
  • Plan K, Plan L, and Medicare Plan N: These three options include quite a bit but require most beneficiary cost sharing, so they may be less expensive.

Comparing Rates for Medicare Supplement Plans in Indiana

Like any other health insurance, Medicare Supplement rates in Indiana depend on multiple factors. Higher benefit levels are likely to co-cost more than lower levels. Also, insurers are free to set their rates, so it is always important to shop around.

These are example rates for a Medicare Supplement plan offered to a male in Indianapolis who is just turning 65 and does not smoke:

  • High deductible plan F: $40.15
  • Plan F: $133.84
  • Plan G: $124.56
  • Plan A: $104.40

Note that these are only sample rates, and they could vary because of location, insurer, and sometimes, health underwriting.

These monthly rates were pulled from top providers of Medicare Supplement plans in Indiana which include:

Comparing Medicare Supplement Plans in Indiana Online

While it is probable that beneficiaries in South Bend will have different Medigap choices than those in Evansville or Fort Wayne, the insurer also makes a big difference. As noted above, these companies have to conform to standard plan levels but are free to set their own Medicare Supplement plan rates.

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