Medicare Supplement Plans in Arizona

The Kaiser Family Foundation reported that about a quarter of beneficiaries chose to enroll in Medicare Supplement plan in Arizona for 2018. Others might decide to join MA plans or take advantage of employer health insurance or another public program.

We try to make it as easy as possible to select the best Medicare Supplement plans in Arizona. To get started, choose Arizona from the menu and find local and national Medicare Supplement plan companies that are eager to offer you great benefits and affordable prices.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Arizona for 2018

This is one state that is pretty famous as a popular retirement destination. Because of that, many larger cities in Arizona have a high percentage of beneficiaries. These are top Arizona cities and the percentage of folks who are already at least 65:

  • Phoenix: 8.4%
  • Tucson: 11.9%
  • Mesa: 14.1%
  • Chandler: 7.8%
  • Glendale: 9.2%

Very likely, in these bigger cities with many seniors, major insurers will offer both Medicare Supplement plans in Arizona and MA plans. Some of the top Medicare Supplement plan companies in this state include the following:

Medicare Supplement Plans in Arizona for 2018 vs. MA Plans

It is true that MA plans have become an increasingly popular option in recent years. Beneficiaries are attracted to no monthly premium options, drug coverage, and additional value-added benefits like vision and dental. These are not things found in any Medicare supplement plan in Arizona for 2018.

However, many Arizonans choose Medicare Supplement plans because they do not have to worry about HMO or PPO networks and some other restrictions that Advantage plan members may have to deal with. Since some Advantage companies have increased cost sharing and monthly premiums anyway, Medicare Supplement plans are beginning to look like a better option in many cases.

Understanding Medicare Supplement Plans in Arizona for 2018

Beneficiaries can choose between different Medicare Supplement plan levels. These levels are always the same, but different insurers may charge very different amounts. That is why it is important to shop around between companies.

These are some example monthly prices for a 65-year-old Phoenix man who does not use tobacco:

Note: These are only sample rates for Medicare Supplement plans in Arizona, and they could be different because of underwriting, exact ZIP code, age, and other factors.

Level Plan F and C are actually the two most commonly selected Medicare supplement plans because they provide a robust menu of benefits. Cost-sharing options like N are getting more popular because of the lower prices. All levels provide basic benefits, and these include coverage for both Part A and B coinsurance. Additional coverage in more comprehensive choices might include Part B deductibles, coverage for foreign-country emergencies, and payment of charges over allowed Medicare limits, called excess charges.

Why Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in Arizona for 2018?

Obviously, Medigap Plan levels with more benefits have an average price that is higher than those that provide basic benefits. However, insurers have to provide standardized policies, but they are free to set prices on their own. This means that it is very possible to save money by shopping between quality insurers in your city.

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