ACE Medicare Supplement Review

ACE has limited historical data to review as a newcomer in the Medicare Supplement market. However, after thorough analysis, we have found that ACE’s Medicare Supplement plans offer highly competitive prices compared to other insurers.

Key Points:

  • ACE offers premiums that are, on average, 7.5% lower than those of other top providers.
  • ACE provides plans in 43 states, each with varying costs and levels of coverage.
  • ACE maintains a stable A.M. Best rating of A++.
  • ACE offers eligible members a 7% discount on household premiums.
  • ACE Medigap plans do not have a waiting period for pre-existing conditions.

What Is ACE?

ACE P&C Insurance Company is a health insurance provider offering Medicare Supplement policies designed to bridge the coverage gaps that Original Medicare may leave behind.

With a customer-focused approach, ACE offers a range of plans to meet diverse needs, from individual to family coverage.

Which Medigap Plans Does ACE Offer?

ACE offers all ten standardized Medicare Supplement plans, which include coverage for expenses not covered by Original Medicare Part A and Part B, including deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance.

Among the various Medigap plans offered by ACE, four plans shine due to their extensive coverage and affordable premiums:

It’s important to note that the specific coverage and benefits can vary depending on the plan type you select.

What Is ACE’s Medigap State Availability?

Currently, ACE offers Medigap plans in the following states:


Since its introduction to the Medicare market in mid-2022, ACE has undergone remarkable growth and expansion.

ACE Medigap Premiums vs Other Providers

When selecting a Medicare Supplement plan, the cost of a monthly premium is a crucial factor to consider for most people.

Below, you’ll find a comparison of the monthly premium costs for ACE’s popular Plan G, as well as some of its competitors in various states:

StateZip CodeACEAflacCignaMutual of Omaha
These sample quotes are for a 65-year-old non-smoking female without any household discounts.

According to this research, ACE provides Plan G premiums at the following cost-saving rates:

  • 9% lower than Mutual of Omaha in Arkansas
  • 6% lower than Cigna in Louisiana
  • 10% lower than Aflac in Texas
  • 9% lower than Cigna in Florida

Overall, ACE offers premiums that are, on average, 7.5% lower than other leading insurance companies.

In addition to offering competitive rates, ACE also grants eligible members a 7% discount on household premiums.

ACE Medigap Underwriting Guidelines

Underwriting is a process carried out by ACE Insurance Company to assess eligibility and determine pricing for insurance plan premiums.

ACE is recognized for its fair pricing and exceptional customer service, offering coverage without a waiting period for pre-existing conditions.

First-time Medicare applicants typically receive guaranteed acceptance into a Medigap plan without health questions.

Bottom Line – Is ACE Worth Considering?

With their competitive rates and discounts for eligible household members, ACE is worth considering when looking for supplemental health insurance to fill the gaps of Original Medicare.

Our licensed insurance agents can assist you in comparing the costs and benefits of ACE with other providers, helping you find the best plan for your needs.


Can I keep my current healthcare providers with ACE?

You can continue seeing your preferred doctors and specialists if they accept Medicare assignment.

Are prescription drugs covered under ACE Medigap plans?

No, prescription drug coverage is not included in Medigap plans.

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