Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas

Top Medicare Advantage plans in Texas, also known as MA plan or Medicare Part C, is a popular option for Medicare beneficiaries who want to expand their Medicare coverage. Eligibility and enrollment in Original Medicare is required before you apply for a Medicare Advantage plan.


  • Once you join an MA health insurance plan, you will continue to have Original Medicare.
  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services require MA insurance plans to cover Original Medicare benefits at minimum. Plans may offer additional coverage.
  • Your insurer will be responsible for all claims, customer service and administration.
  • Any premium due to the insurer for MA health plans is separate from the Part B premium due to Medicare.
  • In most cases, benefits are tied to network healthcare providers.

For a Texas Medicare Advantage plan that includes prescription drug coverage, look for plans denoted as MAPD (Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug).

Following are some of the extra benefits many MA plans offer:

  • Vision services
  • Dental care
  • Hearing services
  • Gym memberships
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs
  • Prescription Medicare allowances
  • Round-trip transportation for doctor visits
  • Meal delivery

Best Medicare Advantage plan types in Texas

Best network freedom: Medicare Advantage PPO

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. With PPO plans:

  • You have access to a larger network.
  • Referrals are not required.
  • Monthly premiums range from $0 to $100.

Best for lowest out-of-pocket: Medicare Advantage HMO Plan

HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. With HMO plans:

  • You are limited to HMO network providers.
  • Your out of pocket costs for covered health care are less than PPO plans.
  • Monthly premiums are generally $0.

Best for low income or health conditions: Medicare Advantage D-SNP

The Special Needs Plan (SNP) is designed to lower out of pocket costs, such as deductibles and copays, for people with special health care needs or limited income. You may qualify for this plan if you:

  • Reside in an institution, such as a nursing home, or need nursing care in your own home
  • Are dual eligible, meaning you have both Medicare and Medicaid
  • Have certain chronic conditions like diabetes, end-stage renal disease (ESRD), dementia, HIV/AIDS or chronic heart disease

1. Number of lives enrollment in Medicare Advantage in Texas: 1,453,573

2. Number enrolled by plan in Texas

  • Local HMO: 770,950
  • Local PPO: 472,168
  • Regional PPO: 174,295

3. Percentage of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage in Texas: 36%

4. Number of lives enrollment in Medicare Advantage nationwide: 19,838,319

5. Percentage of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage nationwide: 34%

How Much does Medicare Advantage cost in 2022?

Though availability and cost may vary from one county to the next, the average 2021 premium for a Texas MAPD plan is $21.52 per month. Exact 2022 averages are TBD.

When can I enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan in Texas?

Initial Enrollment Period

Upon eligibility for Medicare Part A and Part B, you will be eligible to enroll in Medicare Advantage. If you select an MA plan that does not include Part D, you can review stand-alone prescription drug plans and sign up for Medicare Part D.

Initial Enrollment Period: Starts three months before the month of your 65th birthday and ends three months after the month of your 65th birthday

Open Enrollment Period – aka Annual Election Period

During the Open Enrollment Period, you can join, change or leave your Texas Medicare Advantage plan.

Annual Election Period: October 15 to December 7

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

The Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period is available only to active Medicare Advantage members. During this time, you can switch to a different MA plan or return to Original Medicare. If your MA plan does not include a Part D plan, you can enroll in a Medicare drug plan.

Annual Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period: January 1 – March 31

Special Enrollment Periods

Normally, when you join an MA plan, you must keep it for the calendar year. However, if you have special circumstances that qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), you can join, switch or leave an MA plan earlier.

Special circumstances may apply if you:

  • Move to a location outside your plan’s service area or to a service area where more plan options are available
  • Lose other insurance coverage, such as Medicaid, employer health insurance or union group coverage
  • Have an opportunity to get employer or union coverage
  • Are in a plan no longer contracted with Medicare

If you switch to Original Medicare, you may want to consider purchasing a Medicare supplement plan (Medigap). Medigap policies cover coinsurance, copayments and other out of pocket costs. These plans also include benefits not available through Medicare Part A and Part B.

Special Enrollment Period: Timing varies with the type of SEP

5-star Special Enrollment Period

Medicare assigns star ratings to Medicare plans on a scale from one to five. This enables you to compare coverage options based on plan performance and quality. A 5-star Special Enrollment Period gives you a one-time opportunity to switch from your active Medicare plan to one that has a 5-star quality rating available in your service area.

5-star Special Enrollment Period: December to November 30

Special Enrollment Periods if you get “Extra Help”

The Extra Help program helps beneficiaries with limited income and financial resources by covering certain Medicare-approved costs and waiving the late enrollment penalty.

If you qualify, you may be eligible to join, change or drop your Medicare Advantage plan outside the standard enrollment periods. You qualify automatically if you get one of the following:

  • Full Medicaid coverage
  • Help from the Texas Medicaid program to pay your Medicare Part B premiums
  • Benefits from the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program

Extra Help periods if you have both Medicare and Medicaid: January to March, April to June, and July to September (once during each period)

Next Steps

Medicare can be very confusing, if you need help on plan selection or getting more detailed information, please reach out to us for additional help, we are here to guide you!

Texas Medicare Resources

Texas Medicare Plans Statistics:

These are some highlights of the enrollment figures for Texas Medicare Advantage plans:

  • Number enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan in Texas: About 1.2 million
  • Percentage of total Medicare recipients enrolled in MA: About 33%

This list shows the top Texas counties by population:

  • Harris County, TX: 4,652,980
  • Dallas County, TX:2,618,148
  • Tarrant County, TX: 2,054,475
  • Bexar County, TX: 1,958,578
  • Travis County, TX: 1,226,698
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