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Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida

A sizable majority of local beneficiaries still prefer the stability of Medicare Supplement plans in Florida, even though MA plans get a lot of attention these days. Both Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans in Florida help beneficiaries control and predicts their health expenses, but they work differently. Your Medicare Supplement plan may depend upon your health, your provider choices, where you live, and the amount of money you have for premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

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Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida Landscape medicare supplement plans florida

Florida is a famous state with retirees, who make up the bulk of Medicare beneficiaries. Out of over 19 million residents, about 3.4 million receive Medicare benefits.

These are some interesting Florida statistics:

  • Percent of FL population on Medicare: 17%
  • Percent of seniors:
  • Jacksonville: 10.9 Miami: 16
  • Tampa: 11
  • St. Petersburg: 15.7
  • Orlando: 9.4

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart in Florida

All Medigap plans are divided into standard plan levels with names from A through N. This applies to Medicare Supplement plans in Florida, as well as in most other states. This summarizes the Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart in Florida:

medicare supplement plans comparison chart in florida

  • Primary coverage: Plan levels A and B are considered fundamental.
  • Robust coverage: Medigap Plan C is considered more comprehensive.
  • Excess charges: Only Medicare Plans F and Medicare Plan G will cover expenses that are higher than limits set by CMS, and there is also a high deductible Plan F.
  • More cost sharing: Plans K, L, and Medicare Plan N require more cost-sharing and may be cheaper.

Typically, the levels of the most robust coverage will cost more, so you may choose a level with the features you need to enjoy lower rates. For example, many levels cover limited foreign treatment. If you rarely plan to travel to another country, you probably don’t care about this. If you do happen to travel, you might get better results by buying an extra travel health insurance policy anyway.

The levels are all standardized, so you are free to keep rates as low as possible by shopping for the company with the best deal in your local area.

Best companies that offer Medicare Supplement plans in Florida:

MA Plans vs. The Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida

Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans both come from private insurance companies. The benefit of Advantage plans is that the premiums are often low, or even $0, and they may come packaged with Part D drug coverage and health coverage. With a standardized Medigap plan, you only get the coverage outlined by CMS. That means that you will have to purchase an additional drug plan, and possibly, choose to buy coverage for dental, hearing, and vision.

Those who prefer Medicare Supplement plans in Florida may prefer the fact that they don’t have to worry about PPO or HMO networks, can predict their coverage from year to year, and believe that their Medigap plan helps them access the medical providers that they prefer.

Compare The Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida

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