Medicare Supplement Plan F Rates

Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most popular Medicare supplemental insurance level for 2017 in the United States. While about 53 percent of people who buy any supplement choose this supplement, only about 13 percent pick plan G, the next most popular plan level. These are the two plans that cover the most gaps in Medicare, and they are usually the most expensive in areas where they are sold. It seems as if most people who purchase supplements are more concerned about protecting themselves from high medical expenses than somewhat higher monthly premiums.

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Why Choose Medigap Plan F?

With this supplement, you can pay your premiums and be free of concerns over most out-of-pocket costs. Unlike members of the majority of Medicare Advantage plans, you don’t have to worry about deductibles or HMO and PPO networks. This helps Medicare beneficiaries predict their health expenses and enjoy more freedom to pick their doctors and other kinds of medical providers.

Medicare Supplement Plan F and Medicare Plan G are very similar. They both provide coverage for the basics, like Medicare part A & B coinsurance and deductibles. In fact, the only difference between these two supplement levels is that Medicare Supplement Plan F covers excess charges. Excess charges is the term used to refer to charges that are over the amount that Medicare says should get charged for medical services and products. These days, many health providers have decided not to limit themselves to only charging patients according to government guidelines.

If you visit healthcare providers that accept Medicare assignment, this might not be a concern. But if you want to go to doctors who charge more than Medicare says that they should, it could be a critical factor in your decision.

Prices also might vary a lot by an insurer. That is why it is essential to shop around. We selected competitive prices from top national insurers, and the list includes:

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