Medicare Supplement Plans in Wyoming

Medicare Supplement plans in Wyoming can help cover those costs not covered by Original Medicare, like copays and coinsurance, as well as excess charges and travel emergencies outside the country.

The cost and availability of these Medigap plans depend on factors such as age, gender, state, and insurance provider. In Wyoming, these plans are regulated by state laws overseen by an insurance commissioner.

If you’re a Wyoming resident considering a Medicare Supplement plan, it’s important to carefully weigh all the factors that could affect its affordability and availability.

Key Points to Remember:

  • There are ten Medigap plans available to choose from.
  • Medigap Plan G is the most popular plan in Wyoming.
  • Plan G premiums range from $103 to $382 per month.
  • In Wyoming, Aetna offers the most competitively priced Plan G.

Medigap Plan F and Plan G are Wyoming’s top two preferred plans.

Starting in 2020, new Medicare recipients are no longer allowed to enroll in Plan F. This plan has the highest number of beneficiaries, with 25,900 enrollees. You cannot purchase Plan F if your Medicare start date is after 2020.

Plan G is the most popular choice among new beneficiaries, with 24,950 enrollees, while Plan N comes in second with over 4,900 enrollees.

The less popular plans are as follows: Plan K has 364 enrollees, Plan L has 173 enrollees, Plan A has 598 enrollees, and Plan C has 864 enrollees.

We invite you to explore our Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart for a more comprehensive understanding of Medigap plans.

Who Offers the Cheapest Medigap Rates in Wyoming?

American Continental Insurance Company (Aetna) currently offers the most competitively priced Plan G in the state. However, evaluating and comparing each provider’s coverage benefits and drawbacks is crucial before choosing one.

We’ve created a chart comparing Aetna to other Wyoming providers to simplify the decision-making process.

CompanyAM Best RatingPlan G RatesPlan N RatesPlan B RatesPlan F Rates
American Continental Insurance Company (Aetna)A$103.13$103.13$169.43$235.41
American Home Life Insurance CompanyB++$105.21$76.02n/a$126.29
Ace Property and Casualty Insurance CompanyA++$111.25$81.67n/a$121.25
United States Fire Insurance CompanyA$115.50$78.75$137.92$142.50
Allstate Health SolutionsA+$115.57$82.04n/a$142.96
Lumico Life Insurance CompanyA$115.92$92.92n/a$142.42
Manhattan Life Assurance CompanyB++$118.58$85.33n/a$134.75
Cigna Health & Life Insurance CompanyA$123.82$86.29n/a$150.92
Mutual of Omaha Insurance CompanyA+$137.34$111.17n/a$175.51
Assured Life AssociationNR$155.76$78.93n/a$190.65
GPM Health and Life Insurance CompanyA-$163.05$128.16n/a$239.75
Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company (Preferred)A-$185.67$147.41n/a$230.63
Humana Insurance CompanyA-$195.32$133.75n/a$213.50
United American Insurance CompanyA$199.00$171.00$206.00$232.00

Medigap Plan Costs in Wyoming

Here is a compilation of the providers with the most affordable Medigap rates:

  • Plan G: $103.13 with Aetna.
  • Plan N: $76.02 with American Home Life Insurance Company.
  • Plan B: $137.39 with United States Fire Insurance Company.
  • Plan F: $121.25 with Ace Property and Casualty Insurance Company.

The amount you pay for your monthly premium can differ based on your insurer and how they rate their rating protocols.

Can I Cancel My Medigap Plan Anytime? states that you can cancel your Medigap plan whenever you choose. To do so, you must contact your insurance company directly and explain your decision to cancel. They will provide you with the necessary cancellation forms.

However, before making this decision, it’s important to consider all the potential consequences. If you decide to reinstate your policy later, you may face medical underwriting or higher premium rates. Therefore, it’s recommended that you carefully think through your decision before canceling your Medigap policy.

When Can I Apply For a Medicare Supplement Plan?

When you turn 65 and enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B, you can apply for a Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Wyoming. During your Medigap Open Enrollment Period, you can receive the lowest rates as a Medicare beneficiary.

Here are some helpful tips for understanding the Open Enrollment Period:

  • You must sign up for Original Medicare before applying for a Medigap plan. That includes Medicare Part A and B, but a Medicare Part D plan is optional.
  • Your chosen insurer must accept your application for coverage. That’s one of the guaranteed issue rights that only occur during this period.
  • The Medigap insurance company cannot deny you access to the plan. They are legally required to accept all Medicare beneficiaries during their Open Enrollment Period.
  • Your rate is not based on pre-existing conditions during this period.

What’s Next?

Our team of highly skilled agents collaborates closely with leading Medigap providers nationwide to deliver outstanding service and customized solutions that cater to your individual needs.

Whether you have inquiries, require assistance, or wish to explore your options further, we are here to provide the support you need.

You can give us a call today to learn more or request a quote online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who has the best Medigap plan in Wyoming?

Aetna provides the most competitively priced Plan G in Wyoming.

What is the cost of Medicare Supplement plans in Wyoming?

The premium for a Medicare Supplement plan ranges from $50 to $235 per month. The cost of Medicare Supplement plans in Wyoming can vary depending on the plan type and your age.

What is the best Medicare Supplement plan in Wyoming?

Medicare Supplement Plan G is the most popular plan for new beneficiaries in Wyoming.

How much is Plan G in Wyoming?

Plan G in Wyoming can range from $103-$200 monthly for a standard rate.

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