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Medicare Supplement Plans in Wisconsin

The Badger State is home to almost one million Medicare beneficiaries, most of them elderly. In most states, Medicare Supplement plans in Wisconsin have been standardized to conform to benefit levels that are defined by the federal government. However, this state is one of three that have devised their plan levels, so Medicare Supplement plans in Wisconsin are a bit different than they are anywhere else.

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Why Select a Medicare Supplement Plan in Wisconsin?

Plenty of Wisconsin seniors are attracted to MA plans. This is not a big surprise because many offer extra benefits that might include Part D and even dental, hearing and vision coverage. Besides, you can still find no monthly premium MA plans in Wisconsin, and these options can help many older adults manage tight budgets.

However, Medicare Advantage, called MA, is not the best solution for every Medicare beneficiary in this state. The cheapest options usually also come with high deductibles or copayments. They may also limit access to health providers with strict local medical networks. On the other hand, Medicare Supplement plans in Wisconsin don’t use a network and provide very predictable coverage, so they may help beneficiaries save money and enjoy more choices of doctors and hospitals.

Consider Pat, a semi-retired professor at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. She also has a lake house near Green Bay. Besides that, Pat travels up to Canada frequently to visit relatives. Even though Pat is reasonably healthy, she does not want to be restricted to a local HMO network in case she does need treatment on her travels. She believes that a Medicare Supplement plan in Wisconsin with the right options helps her save money and gives her peace of mind.

Rates on Medicare Supplement Plans in Wisconsin

Medicare Supplement plans in Wisconsin work differently than they do in most of the rest of United States. There is a basic plan that provides essential benefits. These basic benefits include Part A hospital coinsurance, Part B coinsurance, the first three pints of blood in a hospital and Part A hospice care coinsurance. Other coverage provided by the basic plan includes skilled nursing, additional inpatient mental health care, extra home health care, and Wisconsin’s mandated benefits.

Beyond the basic Medicare Supplement plan in Wisconsin, beneficiaries can also purchase additional benefits and variations. For example, you can build benefits similar to a Medicare Plan G or Medicare Plan N in other states, or there are cost-sharing plans that are similar to Plan K and L. It is also possible to add benefits like emergency care in foreign countries and coverage for excess charges. There is also a high-deductible plan option that could be compared to high deductible Medicare Supplement Plan F in other states.

To help your comparison, these are some example monthly prices for a 65-year-old man who lives in Milwaukee and doesn’t smoke:

  • Basic plan: $121.90
  • The basic plan with co-pay rider $94.97

Note: These sample prices were pulled from competitive WI Medicare Supplement plan insurers in the city at the time of publication. Insurers considered were:

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in Wisconsin

Your quotes will probably be somewhat higher or lower than the examples. For example, beneficiaries who live in Racine, Kenosha or Green Bay may have different insurers and prices than our example beneficiary who resides in Milwaukee. Your age, specific ZIP code and, sometimes, your health, could impact available options and prices.

To compare local Medigap Plan options for yourself, just enter your zip code in the quote form to get started. We hope to help as many Wisconsin beneficiaries as possible find affordable Medicare Supplement insurance in Wisconsin from a top insurer.

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