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Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Utah

Residents can choose some of the best Medicare Supplement plans in Utah if they qualify for Medicare Part A and Part B, also called original Medicare. Right around the time, these people become first eligible; they have a chance to sign up for guaranteed issue policies at any plan level. At any time, beneficiaries also have the option to sign up for certain Medicare Supplement plan levels, namely A, B, C, F, K, and L, without underwriting if they lose other coverage.

Do you know if you would be better served by a certain Medicare Supplement plan in Utah or MA plan? Our system can help you start a comparison, and you only need to enter your zip code to get started.

Choosing Medicare Supplement Plans in Utah

You can still find some no monthly premium MA plans in Utah, and it is easy to understand why they would present an excellent choice for many elderly and disabled Utah residents who have to live on tight budgets. However, premiums for Medicare Supplement plans in Utah are not always that high, and they might offer better choices for doctors and richer benefits for certain people.

Consider the case of Jordan and Casey, a newly retired couple with a family home in Sandy Hills, UT. Because Jordan has diabetes and Casey has a congenital heart condition, they have found themselves traveling to Provo, UT twice a year for visits with specialists. These specialists charge more than Medicare allows for their services and do not belong to any local Advantage PPO or HMO networks.

Buying a robust Medicare Supplement plan in Utah allows Casey and Jordan to keep the doctors they prefer and not worry about excess charges on their bill. They believe the somewhat higher rate is worth it for this extra coverage and peace of mind.

A Comparison of Medicare Supplement Plans in Utah

Like most states, all Medicare Supplement plans in Utah have to provide the benefits that are laid about by the government. Standard levels are named from plan A to plan N. While A and B are considered good basic policies, Medicare Supplement Plan G and Plan F are considered the most robust. Some of the newer levels, like K through N, have good coverage and require most cost-sharing to keep rates lower.

These are some example rates for a man who lives in Salt Lake City, UT., doesn’t use tobacco and is 65:

  • High deductible plan F: $58.30
  • Plan K: $79.72
  • Plan A: $102.62
  • Medicare Plan G: $124.92
  • Medicare Supplement plan F: $156.98
  • Medigap Plan C: $171.50

Note: These are only sample rates, and yours could be different.

These quotes were culled from some of the most competitive companies.

Companies Offering Medicare Supplement Plans in Utah:

Find The Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Utah

Of course, the price you pay for a Medigap plan could depend upon many individual factors. Medicare Supplement insurers all have to offer the same benefits for the same plan level. For example, Plan N is always Plan N. Additionally, prices could vary by ZIP code, so Medicare beneficiaries who live in West Valley City, UT or West Jordan, UT may get various quotes than recipients who live in Salt Lake City, UT as in the example.

Shopping for the right Medicare Supplement plan in Utah at the right price is important, and we are always here to help. You can compare Medicare Supplement insurance quotes by simply entering your zip code in the quote box to get started. If you have questions or need help, use the toll-free number to call. We hope to help every Medicare recipient in Utah find quality insurers and competitive prices.

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