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About 125,000 Medicare beneficiaries live in the South Dakota, and a good portion of them will be shopping for a Medicare Supplement plan in South Dakota. While most senior citizens become eligible for this massive public health program when they turn 65, a small percentage of beneficiaries qualify because of a serious illness or disability. Most of these qualified people realize that relying on Original Medicare Part A and Part B will help but still leave them exposed to the risk of generating high bills because of coinsurance, copays, and deductibles. That is why the majority of beneficiaries also consider additional insurance, and this might include MA plans or Medicare Supplement plans in South Dakota.

Who Selects Medicare Supplement Plans in South Dakota?

These days, about 30 percent of beneficiaries sign up for MA plans. With some no monthly premium options, it is easy enough to understand why Advantage is attractive. Some options even include drug, hearing, dental and vision coverage. However, most MA policies also include copays or deductibles and have relatively high maximum out-of-pocket limits. The low-priced or no monthly premium Advantage options also rely upon HMO or PPO health provider networks.

On the other hand, Medicare Supplement plans in South Dakota always come with a premium and never include additional coverage beyond the standard benefits for each level. Still, paying a bit more for Medicare Supplement plans can save some beneficiaries money.

Consider the case of Floyd and Dana. They both retired as professors at South Dakota State University in Brookings. They still spend some time in that city because that is where their grown children and grandchildren live, but they also take the opportunity to travel to a mountain cabin in the Black Hills near Rapid City, SD. Because Floyd suffers from heart disease, he also visits the nearby Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis twice a year for a checkup and possible treatment.

For both Floyd and Dana, a Medicare Supplement plan in South Dakota offers the freedom to choose doctors anywhere in the United States. They aren’t restricted to local networks, and this is what could happen with some network Medicare insurance policies.

Medicare Supplement Plans in South Dakota – Premiums

Medicare supplement plans don’t work the same as MA. While Advantage policies replace Original Medicare Part A and B, Medigap plans work together with Original Medicare to fill in coverage gaps. Each Medicare Supplement plan level provides a particular set of coverage, but basic coverage is always included. To help with your comparison of Medicare Supplement plans South Dakota, it might be helpful to compare prices for different levels.

These are example 2017 monthly rates for a male non-smoker who lives in Sioux Falls, SD and has just turned 65:

Note: These rates are only examples that were pulled at the time of publication. They represent some of the most competitive prices from quality South Dakota Medicare Supplement companies like:

Find the Best Rates for Medicare Supplement Plans in South Dakota 

The biggest thing to remember is that these Medigap plans all offer the same coverage at each level. For Example, Medicare Plan G or Medicare Plan N will cover the same things no matter the company you choose.  However, Medicare Supplement insurers set their own premiums. That means it is very possible to shop around and find cheaper options from a competitive company. Also, prices and plan options vary by city, so it isn’t likely that a Medicare recipient in Sioux Falls, SD would have the same choices as one in Watertown, SD or Aberdeen. SD.

We help you shop the market by providing rates for Medicare Supplement plans in South Dakota. Just enter your zip code into our quote box, to get started.  As always, if you’d like immediate assistance or would prefer a Medicare specialist to talk you through your options, give us a call.  We can even help you apply right over the phone.