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Medicare Supplement Plan G in Florida

Medicare Supplement plan G in Florida is a plan that will cover all of Medicare Part A coinsurance, copays, and deductibles. The only thing it does not cover is the out of pocket expenses for the deductible for Part B. However, all of Medicare Part B Coinsurance and copays are covered. See Medicare Part A and Part B details below.

Part A Medicare Benefits: Hospital coinsurance and medical expenses up to one year after full use of original Medicare benefits, hospice coinsurance or copayments, and deductible.

Part B Medicare Benefits: Coinsurance for preventative care, durable, medical equipment, copayments, and excess charges.

In addition to the above, Medicare Supplement plan G will cover skilled nursing facility (SNF) medical services, the first three pints of blood if needed for a medical procedure, and emergency medical care for limited foreign travel (up to $50,000 in foreign travel emergency benefits).

Medicare Supplement insurance Plan G in Florida is considered to be one of the most popular Supplement Plans of the ten standardized Medicare Supplement policies. Plan G offers the highest benefit level to a Medicare beneficiary after January 1, 2021. Other than the cost of the Medicare Part B deductible, the Medigap Plan G provides coverage that will fill the holes of original Medicare.

Enrollment Statistics:

Medigap Plan G in Florida Enrollment: 27,313

All Medicare Supplement Plans Enrollment for the State: 901,389

What does Medicare Supplement Plan G cover?

Original Medicare pays for a lot when it comes to your healthcare. On top of the Medicare-approved amounts that are covered by the Federal Medicare program in the United States, you can enjoy having these additional Medicare benefits covered if you sign up for Medicare Supplement Plan G in Florida.

But here’s what Medigap Plan G will cover:

· Initial pints of blood

· Medicare Part A deductible

· Medicare Part A hospital costs

· Part A expenses

· Part A hospice care coinsurance

· Skilled nursing facility care

Benefits also pay these Medicare Part B costs:

· Charges over the amount Medicare allows – “Part B Excess Charges”

· Durable medical equipment

· Foreign travel emergency care (lifetime plan limits apply)

· Medicare Part B coinsurance and copays

Be advised that the Part B deductible will not be covered by Medigap Plan G in Florida

What is the Plan G deductible in 2021?

Plan G has no deductible, beyond your monthly premium, you will be responsible for the $203 Part B deductible.

What is the Monthly Premium for Medicare Supplement Plan G in Florida?

For the Medicare Supplement insurance Plan G in Florida, the average cost will depend on Medicare Supplement insurance companies (the insurer) and how they price the plans in a particular service area. See the below to understand what pricing is based on.

  • Community-Rated
  • Issue Age
  • Attained Age

Community rated means premiums are priced for all ages. As for issue age and attained age, the premium is based on the age you were when you purchased the policy (issue age), and premiums that increase with age (attained age).

For a female who is 65 years old and a nonsmoker living in Florida (zip code: 32086 /St. Augustine), the monthly premium for Plan G insurance will be:

Monthly Plan G rates: $170-$180

Monthly High Deductible Plan G rates: $70-$85

When can I enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan G?

To enroll in a Medigap policy you can choose the six-month Medigap Open Enrollment period. This is the best time because it offers better pricing and choices for you.

In open enrollment, health insurance providers for Medicare Supplement insurance Plan G in Florida will decide to accept an application due to medical underwriting. However, even with health issues, you can purchase a policy during open enrollment for the same price a healthy person would pay.

Age 65 or older: When enrolled in Part B, enrollment begins and it cannot be changed or repeated.

When turning 65: On the first day of the month that you turn 65, a six-month period begins. You will need to be enrolled in Part B to be eligible for Medicare.

Under the age of 65: If under 65, eligibility may not be possible. In some states though, it is required that Medigap insurance companies sell them to those under 65. However, they may cost more.

The enrollment period does not apply to Medicare supplement plans.

They only apply to the following:

  • Part D Plans
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Aging into the Federal Medicare Program
  • Retiring from group coverage
  • Losing a Medicare Advantage plan

What Is the Difference Between Plan G and Plan G With a High Deductible?

Both plans offer the same coverage, but high deductible Plan G has a deductible of $2,370 that must be meet first, where as standard Plan G has no deductible. So the high deductible plan will be MUCH cheaper on premium basis.

What is the Best Medicare Supplement Plan G in Florida?

There is no one insurance agency or company with the best Plan G. All plans are standardized. This means that Plan G is the same no matter what Medicare Supplement insurance company sells it. The only difference will be the price, so when you are shopping around, consider the following to help you compare make the best decision.

  • Customer service is important in case you have questions. Are they helpful and available? It is always best to read reviews and check the company before purchasing.
  • A company’s size matters because it shows they have the stability and wisdom to support their clients.
  • Financial Strength is important to you because they should have the ability and assets to pay claims.

Our Company Recommendations

We recommend the following companies for Plan G coverage:

Aetna – 4.0
Mutual of Omaha
Cigna – 4.5
Florida Blue

*Ratings are NCQA for 2019-2020 [2020-2021 ratings canceled bc COVID].

Which is better, Plan F or Plan G?

How are Plan F and Plan G Different?

When making a comparison between Plan G and Plan F, the most noticeable difference is that you will have to pay the approved amount for the Part B deductible for Medigap Plan G.

Oftentimes the savings in monthly premium will outweigh the cost of the Part B deductible. When reviewing your Medicare Supplement plan quotes look for this to determine your choice.

Is Plan G Cheaper than Plan F in Florida?

This will depend on the Part B deductible cost. The current Part B deductible cost is $203. So if Plan G will save you that amount, then Plan G will be cheaper than Plan F.

Which should I choose?

If you were with Medicare prior to January 1st, 2020, you can continue to choose either plan. If you are new to Medicare after January 1st, 2020, Medicare Plan G will be offered the highest benefit level.

What is the Most Popular Medicare Supplement Plan in Florida for 2021?

Here’s why Medicare Supplement insurance Plan G in Florida is the most popular.

Five reasons why Medicare Plan is the most popular:

1. Best level of coverage – For those that are new to Medicare, Plan G offers the best level of coverage aside from the Part B deductible cost.

2. Medicare Part G is a great value – When benefits received vs. the cost of the plan, you will see that the value of Plan G is one of the best.

3. There is no network limitation – You will have access to any doctor that accepts Medicare. If a doctor does not accept Medicare, Plan G will pay the Medicare Part B Excess Charges.

4. Most predictable – This is because it fills in all gaps to original Medicare, except for the annual Medicare Part B deductible.

5. Guaranteed acceptance coverage – When you are new to Medicare, you will enroll during the Initial Enrollment Period. There will be no health questions to answer.

Frequently asked question about Medigap Plan G:

Full Medicare Supplement Plan G Benefits Chart

Does Plan G cover prescription drugs?

The coinsurance on all Part B medications will be covered by the Medicare Supplement Plan G in Florida. Plan G cannot offer outpatient retail prescription drug coverage. This is usually covered by the Medicare Part D drug plan.

Does Plan G cover the Medicare Part B deductible?

The Medicare Part B Premium is not covered and is the only out of pocket costs. The deductible for 2021 is $203.

Does Plan G cover Medicare Part B excess charges?

Plan G will cover 100% of Part B Excess Charges.

Does Plan G cover the Medicare Part A Deductible?

Yes. The Medicare Part A Deductible will be covered by Plan G.

Is Plan G worth it?

It is worth it to choose Plan G. It will give you the highest level of benefits, especially for those new to Medicare after January 1st of 2021. It also provides great financial protection in major health events.

What is the difference between plan G & N in Florida?

Excess charges and copayments are not covered by Plan N, but they are with Plan G in Florida.

Does Plan G cover dental?

Dental care is not covered by Medicare and Medigap plans.

What is Medicare Part G?

People often to refer to Medigap plan letters as “parts”, so people will call it “Part G” when it actually Medigap Plan G. It is a plan that offers the most comprehensive benefits. The only thing it does not pay is the Part B deductible.

Does Plan G cover SilverSneakers?

There are some Medicare Supplement insurance plans that will include the Silver Sneakers program. This is due to your enrollment into Medicare. To know your coverage for the program, contact your insurance agent to discuss their plan limits.

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