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Medicare Supplement Plan G in Alabama

Medicare beneficiaries can simplify their healthcare coverage by enrolling in Medicare Supplement Plan G in Alabama. Medicare Supplement insurance is designed to complement the federal Medicare program by covering out of pocket costs like coinsurance and copayments. Medicare Supplement Plan G in Alabama covers more medical expenses than most other plans.

What is Medicare Supplement Plan G in Alabama?

Medicare Supplement insurance Plan G in Alabama is an optional insurance plan that allows Medicare beneficiaries to exchange out-of-pocket expenses like copays for one monthly premium. Original Medicare pays for medical services and medical equipment up to approved amounts, and then the supplemental benefits cover remaining expenses up to plan limits.

What you need to know:

  • Plan G is the most comprehensive Medigap plan available for beneficiaries eligible for Medicare after December 2019.
  • While a Medicare Advantage plan replaces Original Medicare, Plan G policies add to the coverage. Medicare.gov has a comprehensive guide to help beneficiaries understand both plan options.
  • You can enroll in Medigap Plan G through a private insurance agency authorized to provide supplemental plans in your area.
  • Plan G benefits are the same no matter what insurance agent you select.

Medigap Plan G is quickly becoming the most popular Medicare supplement plan in Alabama due to eligibility restrictions for Plan F. In 2018, there were more than 200,000 lives covered by Medigap plans in Alabama. More than 24,000 of those lives were covered by Plan G, and nearly 70,000 were covered by Plan F.

What Does Medicare Supplement Plan G Cover?

Original Medicare pays for a lot when it comes to your healthcare. On top of the Medicare-approved amounts that are covered by the Federal Medicare program in the United States, you can enjoy having these additional Medicare benefits covered if you sign up for Medicare Supplement Plan G in Alabama.

Plan G will cover:

· Initial pints of blood

· Medicare Part A deductible

· Medicare Part A hospital costs

· Part A expenses

· Part A hospice care coinsurance

· Skilled nursing facility care

Medicare Supplement Insurance plan G benefits also pay these Medicare Part B costs:

· Charges over the amount Medicare allows – “Part B Excess Charges”

· Durable medical equipment

· Foreign travel emergency care (lifetime plan limits apply)

· Medicare Part B coinsurance and copays

Be advised that the Part B deductible will not be covered by Medigap Plan G in Alabama.

What is the Plan G Deductible in 2021?

There is no Medicare Plan G deductible unless you select the high deductible plan. You will need to pay the Medicare Part B deductible with either plan, which is $203 in 2021.

What is the Monthly Premium for Medicare Supplement Plan G in Alabama?

There are a variety of factors that determine Medicare Supplement Plan G rates. As an example, we generated Medicare Supplement plan quotes for a 65-year-old female non-smoker who lives in Alabama zip code 36117.

Our comparison of five Medicare Supplement insurance companies offering policies in that zip code resulted as follows:

  • Monthly Premium Range: $100 to $121
  • Average Monthly Premium: $114

Insurance companies can use three methods to determine Medicare Plan G rates:

  • Community Rated – All beneficiaries enrolled in the plan receive the same rate regardless of age. Your rate will not increase as you age.
  • Issue Age – Your rate is determined by your age at the time of enrollment. The older you are at enrollment, the more you’re likely to pay.
  • Attained Age – Your rate is determined by your current age. Your rate will increase as you age.

When can I enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan G?

Medicare’s annual election period does not apply to Medicare Supplement insurance Plan G in Alabama. It’s limited to Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans.

To get the lowest rates on Plan G, apply within six months of signing up for Medicare Part B. That period is your Open Enrollment Period. It entitles you to the following guaranteed issue rights:

  • The insurance company is legally required to accept your application.
  • There is no underwriting for current or past medical conditions.
  • Your rates will never go up due to pre-existing conditions or your health condition.
  • Your insurer cannot cancel your policy as long as you continue to pay your premiums and live within the covered service area.

You may also qualify for the same guaranteed issue rights if you lose employer insurance after your initial enrollment period closes or meet guidelines for other special circumstances. Ensure your eligibility for a special enrollment period before your initial enrollment period closes to ensure you aren’t locked out of guaranteed issue rights.

What Is the Difference Between Plan G and Plan G With a High Deductible?

Plan G and high-deductible Plan G offer the same coverage, including coverage for foreign travel. The difference is that you must pay the full deductible amount before utilizing benefits from the high-deductible plan.

What is the Best Medicare Supplement Plan G in Alabama?

The benefits are always the same for Medicare Supplement Plan G in Alabama. Insurance companies can’t compete by adding Medicare benefits, so they compete in price. Keep the following in mind when selecting an insurer for your Medicare Supplement plan:

  • Customer service matters. You should always know who to contact and how.
  • History matters as well. Long-term stability is a good sign that an insurance company has integrity.
  • Financial strength indicates a company’s ability to pay claims.

Based on those three considerations, there are two companies that we recommend for Alabama beneficiaries. They’re listed below along with their A.M. Best score for financial strength in 2020.

  • Aetna – A (Excellent)
  • Mutual of Omaha – A+ (Superior)

Which is better, Plan F or Plan G?

How are Plan F and Plan G Different?

Plans F and G are the two most comprehensive Medicare Supplement insurance plans available in Alabama. Plan G coverage only differs by not including the Medicare Part B deductible. Both plan options include up to $50,000 in foreign travel emergency benefits plus Medicare Part A coinsurance, Medicare Part B coinsurance, and other out of pocket expenses.

Is Plan G Cheaper than Plan F in Alabama?

Medicare Supplement insurance Plan G in Alabama is cheaper than Plan F because it doesn’t include the Medicare Part B deductible. Both plans require beneficiaries to pay the Medicare Part B premium in addition to the Medigap premium.

Which should I choose?

Your Original Medicare start date will determine if you’re eligible for Medigap Plan F or only Medicare Supplement insurance Plan G in Alabama. Use this quick guide to explore your plan options:

  • Part B enrollment prior to 1/1/2020 – Plan F or Plan G
  • Part B enrollment on or after 1/1/2020 – Plan G

If you’re eligible for both plans, compare your total cost with quotes for both plans. Oftentimes, Plan G is a bit cheaper even after paying the Part B deductible out of pocket.

What is the Most Popular Medicare Supplement Plan in Alabama for 2021?

There are five reasons Medigap Plan G is the most popular supplement plan for Medicare beneficiaries enrolling in Medicare Part B after January 2020:

  • It offers the most comprehensive coverage.
  • It offers significant value for the cost per month.
  • No network limitations. You can see any doctor accepting Medicare as payment, and Medicare Part B excess charges are covered.
  • The plan simplifies healthcare coverage by filling all Original Medicare gaps except the Part B deductible.
  • As long as a Medicare beneficiary enrolls during their Initial Enrollment Period, they’re guaranteed coverage without medical underwriting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medigap Plan G

Full Medicare Supplement Plan G Benefits Chart

Does Plan G cover prescription drugs?

No, Medicare Plan G doesn’t include prescription drug coverage. You can sign up for a drug plan through Medicare Part D.

Does Plan G cover the Medicare Part B Deductible?

Medicare Supplement Plan G doesn’t cover the Part B deductible.

Does Plan G cover Medicare Part B Excess Charges?

Yes, Medicare Supplement Plan G covers Medicare Part B excess charges. That’s one of the only differences between Medicare Plan G and Medicare Plan N.

Does Plan G cover the Medicare Part A Deductible?

Yes, Medicare Plan G does cover the Medicare Part A deductible.

Is Plan G worth it?

Medicare Plan G is worth the cost if you want to replace multiple out of pocket expenses with one monthly premium. That simplifies your health insurance and ensures you can see any medical provider accepting Medicare.

Compare your total cost with and without Plan G to make sure it’s an affordable option for your personal circumstances. You may also want to compare rates for other Medicare supplement plans, but remember that other plans will leave you with more out of pocket expenses.

What is the difference between Plan G and N in Alabama?

Plan N is similar to Plan G but doesn’t cover Medicare Part B excess charges and has a few copays for doctor visits and Emergency room visits.  If you’re looking for the most comprehensive supplemental insurance plan, we recommend Medicare Supplement insurance Plan G in Alabama.

Does Plan G cover dental?

Like all Medicare Supplement plans, Medigap Plan G doesn’t cover dental care. Consider buying a separate dental insurance plan to go along with your Plan G.

What is Medicare Part G?

The term “Medicare Part G” is often confused for Medicare Plan G. There is no Medicare Part G because “part” only refers to Original Medicare programs. Plan G is an optional addition to Medicare Part A and Part B coverage.

Does Plan G cover Silver Sneakers?

Medigap Plan G doesn’t cover Silver Sneakers. You may consider a Medicare Advantage plan if you want those added benefits.

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