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Medicare Supplement Plan D

First, Medicare Supplement Plan D should not be confused with Medicare Part D. Part D refers to the extra prescription drug plans that you need to buy if you rely upon traditional Medicare Part A & Part B or even if you buy Medicare Supplement insurance. On the other hand, Medicare Plan D is a supplement level. These Medicare Supplement plans are all meant to fill in coverage gaps for those things that Original Medicare either does not fully cover or cover at all.

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Why Choose Medicare Supplement Plan D?

Your first choice is probably between MA plans and Medicare Supplement plans. Supplements cost more, but they do not lock policy owners into a PPO or HMO network. While there are some Advantage options without any monthly premium, they usually have relatively high out-of-pocket maximums. While joining Medicare Advantage is a popular option these days, it isn’t the most careful or flexible choice for every Medicare beneficiary.

Medicare Supplement Plan D vs. Plan C and Plan F

Plan D is very similar to plan C and Medicare Plan F, two of the most robust and comprehensive Medicare Supplement levels you can buy. They all include a lot of the same coverage, including Medicare Part A coinsurance, Part B coinsurance, the Part A deductible, and additional hospital days after Medicare’s limit has been reached.

These are some important distinctions between Medicare Supplement level D, C, and F:

  • The only difference between Plan C and Medicare Supplement Plan D is that Plan D does not pay the Medicare Part B deductible.
  • The difference between Plan D and F is that F also covers the Part B deductible and excess charges.

Because Medicare Plan D covers a bit less, it is usually somewhat less expensive than either F or C, so it might provide a good balance between keeping premiums modest and having very good coverage for medical expenses.

Compare Medicare Supplement Plan D Rates

In most states, all supplements have to conform to standard benefits that have been set by the government. However, the private health insurance companies that sell these plans are free to set their prices. These are some example Medicare Plan D premiums for a male who is 65 and doesn’t smoke that were culled from large metro areas in selected states:

Note: These prices are just examples, and your quotes will be different. Private Medicare Supplement insurance companies considered include:

Note that Medicare Supplement Plan D was not available in two of the areas checked. All private insurers have to offer Plan A and either Plan C or F in any service area they market supplements in. However, they do have to offer Medicare Plan D.

Your Comparison of Medicare Supplement Plan D and Others

Prices and even available plan levels for Medicare Supplements might vary by your age, your ZIP code, and in some instances, your health. However, we make it very easy for you to get Medicare Supplement plan quotes, and this is true if it is Medicare Supplement insurance Plan D or another Medicare Supplement plan.

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