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Medicare Supplement Plans North Carolina

It is true that close to a third of beneficiaries choose MA plans. It is easy to see that low and no monthly premium options, additional drug coverage, and even dental or vision coverage would be attractive. However, it is also true that low-priced Advantage options usually also include strict networks of providers, deductibles, and copays. In other words, Medicare recipients who prefer predictable costs and freedom to select their medical providers might be happier with a Medicare Supplement plan in NC.

Consider Janet and John, a recently retired couple who live in the West Raleigh Greensboro area. For them, retirement means a chance to venture out from their family home in a new conversion van. They hope to spend time in the Winston-Salem area with extended family and to spend time traveling to each of the lower 48 states and maybe even cross into Canada to venture all the way to Alaska.

They certainly do not want to worry about a local HMO Advantage network. With some Medicare Supplement plans in North Carolina, emergency care across the U.S. border even gets covered. John and Janet do not mind monthly premiums in exchange for that kind of security.

Rates for Medicare Supplement Plans in North Carolina

In this state, as is true of most other states, all Medicare Supplement coverage levels must conform to the guidelines that are set by the government. This means that beneficiaries can choose from a variety of options that are named with letters from plan A to plan N.

First, it might be helpful to view some sample Medicare Supplement plan premiums for a woman who lives in Charlotte, is 65 years old, and does not smoke:

  • High deductible plan F: $59.82
  • Regular Medicare plan F: $134.92
  • Plan K: $77.56
  • Plan A: $95.79
  • Plan C: $166.73

Note that these prices are only samples, and they could be different for you because of many different factors.  Medicare Supplement Plan G and Medicare Plan F seem to be the most popular.

The samples were pulled from the most competitive Medicare Supplement companies in North Carolina , and these included the following:

Online Comparisons of the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in North Carolina

Beneficiaries here in North Carolina have lots of choices to make when it comes to making good use of their Medicare benefits. Even though all Medicare Supplement plan levels have to provide the same benefits, if they come from Humana, Aetna, or another insurer, they do not need to have the same prices. Some Medicare Supplement plan companies can price more competitively than others.

Also, both plan level options and prices can vary by city within the same state, so residents of Durham will not see the same choices as people who live in Raleigh. Our fast and simple online rates for Medicare Supplement plans in North Carolina can provide you with a good way to find the most competitive local providers of supplements, Advantage, and Part D.

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