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Nebraska Medicare Supplement Plans

To control deductibles, copays, and coinsurance, most recipients choose between Medicare Supplement plans in Nebraska or MA plans. Here in the Cornhusker State, almost a quarter of a million senior citizens and disabled residents are entitled to Original Medicare Part A and Part B benefits.

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Residents Who Choose Medicare Supplement Plans in Nebraska

In recent years, more beneficiaries have chosen MA plans over Medicare supplement plans. No monthly premium options and additional benefits certainly seem attractive. However, some beneficiaries do a comparison of these two kinds of Medicare insurance, Medicare supplement plans, and Advantage, and they find that Medicare Supplement plans in Nebraska work out better for them.

For example, David owns a small organic farm near Kearney, NE. He lives there during the spring and summer but spends the fall and part of the winter with his daughter in Grand Island, NE. During the coldest parts of the winter, David drives a few buddies down to the Gulf Coast in a rented RV to enjoy beaches and warm weather.

Even though David has remained healthy, he still wants to be sure he can find a doctor anywhere in the United States without worrying about a provider network. One problem with cheaper Advantage policies is that they often use local networks to control costs, but that isn’t a concern with a Medigap plan in Nebraska.

Understanding Medicare Supplement Plans in Nebraska

In Nebraska, as in most other states, the standardized Medicare Supplement plan levels are the only ones that can pick as Medicare Supplement plans. Different letter names, from A to Medicare Plan N, have different benefits or levels of benefits. To understand this, consider a summary of some popular Medigap plan levels:

  • Medicare A & B: These levels were designed to cover basic needs very well, and level A must be sold in any market where insurers sell any Medicare Supplement plans.
  • Medigap Plan  C: Usually one of the more expensive levels in an area.
  • Medicare Supplement Plan G & F: These two levels are similar, and both cover excess charges or bills over Medicare limits.
  • Medicare K, L, & N: These three levels provide broad coverage with more cost sharing to keep rates lower.

To understand how much you will have to pay for selected levels, consider these sample rates for a Medicare Supplement plan in Nebraska for a woman in Omaha, NE who is 65:

Note: These are only rates samples that were pulled from competitive companies at the time of publication.

Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Nebraska and Rates

Since Medicare Supplement plans in Nebraska must all conform to these standard levels, benefits are always the same. For example, Medigap Plan G  is always Plan G. However, insurers do vary quite a bit by premiums, and this is why beneficiaries should always shop around. These are some of the Nebraska Medicare Supplement companies considered:

Of course, both insurers and prices can also vary by location. Medicare beneficiaries who live in Bellevue, NE will not have the same Medicare Supplement plan choices as beneficiaries who live in Lincoln, NE. It isn’t possible to know which insurer will offer the most competitive options without running a comparison for Medicare Supplement plans in Nebraska.

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