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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans in Texas, one of the country’s leading insurers, is a top choice to consider. Medicare beneficiaries throughout Texas can choose from a variety of policies offered by Mutual of Omaha, each providing customers with a unique set of benefits.

To get a sense of what the policies offer and how they compare. Let’s look at what options are available to a female, non-smoker living in Dallas who just turned 65 and is in the market for a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan. Using our quote engine, we can use her zip code to obtain a customized list of the Medigap policies available to her. In the Dallas, Texas area, Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement policies are sold by a subsidiary, United World Life Insurance Company. The plans offered by United World include Plans A, F, G, N and high deductible F.

Two most popular Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plans in Texas

In this comparison (which includes just a sample of the key benefits of the plans), the monthly premium for Plan G is less than Plan F, but the coverage offered by Medicare supplement plan F is slightly better because it includes coverage of the Part B deductible. Reviewing the details of the plans, our consumer can begin to understand the features of the policies and think about which will be the best fit.


Medicare Plan G                                             Medicare Plan F

.   Monthly premium                             $111.18                                         $151.93

.   Annual Part B deductible                 $183                                              None

.   Office visit                                        No charge after deductible            No charge

.   Doctor choice                                  Any doctor accepting Medicare     Any doctor accepting Medicare

.   Out-of-pocket maximum                  No limit                                           No limit

.   Prescription drug coverage             Not covered                                    Not covered

.   Preventative services                      $0                                                   $0

.   Hospitalization                                 Up to 365 days covered                 Up to 365 days covered

.   Skilled nursing facility                      Up to 200 days covered                 Up to 100 days covered

Note: These are only example prices, your Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates in Texas could vary because of location, age and, sometimes, medical underwriting.

The final decision is up to the consumer but, regardless of the particular plan chosen, the customer will benefit from the competitive rates and quick claims payments that are features of all Mutual of Omaha Medigap policies.

Counties offering Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plans in Texas:

.   Harris County

.   Dallas County

.   Tarrant County

.   Bexar County

.   Travis County

Whether you are just starting to shop for a Medicare supplement policy in Texas or are ready to enroll, Mutual of Omaha can provide detailed information on Medigap plans, benefits, and costs. We have experienced agents who can help you research plans, provide you with a personalized quote and, when you’re ready, help you enroll in a plan.

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