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Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Maine

In recent years, MA plans have become popular, but about one out of every four beneficiaries still chose some of the best Medicare Supplement plans in Maine. These Medicare Supplements work side by side with original Medicare Part A and Part B to help protect seniors from suffering high out-of-pocket medical bills and provide very stable levels of coverage.

What’s the best Medicare Supplement plan in Maine? All you need to do is enter your zip code box on this page to get started.

Examples of Beneficiaries That Chose Medicare Supplement Plans in Maine

People who already know that they will need to visit the doctor and other health providers often might shop for Medicare Supplement plans in Maine. Robust policy choices do come with premiums, unlike Advantage options, but they may also entirely eliminate the need for paying out of pocket. In many cases, health bills are a bigger concern than monthly rates.

For example, David has already been hospitalized in a South Portland hospital for a minor heart attack, and he needs to visit the clinic frequently for checkups. The best heart doctor in the city is not on any HMO or PPO Advantage networks, and David needs to manage his condition carefully. In this case, a robust Medicare Supplement Plan F that covers excess charges, or charges over Medicare limits, could save him money even if it costs more than an Advantage plan.

Overview of Medicare Supplement Plans in Maine

All Medicare Supplement plans in Maine have to conform to standard levels of coverage that have been established by the federal government. The levels have names from the letter A to Medicare Supplement Plan N. While they all provide certain basic coverage, like Part A coinsurance for nursing and hospital, stays, some levels provide much more. To help you understand this, here is a brief overview of standard levels:

  • Plan A: This is considered a good primary option, and it has to get offered by companies that offer any other choices.
  • Level C: C provides both profound and broad coverage, and it is the second most popular choice among Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Level Medicare plan F: Like C, F provides broad and deep coverage, and it is the most common choice with beneficiaries.
  • Levels K through N: These options also provide good coverage, but they require most sharing of costs, so prices are lower. They are getting more popular as some beneficiaries hope to reduce monthly costs in exchange for paying their share of costs.

A Comparison of Maine Medicare Supplement Plan Rates

There are fewer zero premium Advantage options than there used to be. Also, even Advantage policies with low or no premiums have increased cost sharing on many levels. You might be surprised to find that many local Medicare Supplement plans in Maine have modest monthly costs in return for the better coverage that they provide.

Consider these sample prices for popular Medicare Supplement plan for a woman who has turned 65, lives in Portland, and doesn’t smoke:

  • High deductible plan F: $76.57
  • No deductible Medigap plan F: $198.28
  • Plan C: $220.92
  • Plan N: $130.97
  • Medicare Plan G: $183.43

Note that these prices are just samples, and your own Medicare Supplement quotes could depend upon your gender, age, Maine ZIP, and in some circumstances, your health.

Best Medicare Supplement companies in Maine and these insurers include:

Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plan in Maine

There isn’t one option that’s right for everybody. That’s why we can help you compare Medicare supplement plans, Advantage, and even drug coverage if you live anywhere in the state from West Scarborough to Lewiston or Bangor to Portland. Just enter your zip code in the box on this page to get started. If you would rather get live assistance, you are also welcome to pick up the phone and call.

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