Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F is an excellent option for Medicare beneficiaries to consider if they want to reduce their healthcare expenses. 

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F Benefits

Some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you choose Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F are listed below:

  • Medicare Part, A coinsurance and hospital costs after Medicare benefits, are exhausted (for an additional 365 days)
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance and copayments
  • First three pints of blood when needed for a medical procedure
  • Medicare Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayments
  • Skilled nursing facility care (SNF) coinsurance
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Medicare Part B deductible
  • Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Some foreign travel emergency care

As you can probably see, Medicare Plan F offers many benefits for doctors and emergency room visits.

Of course, some things are not covered as a part of your Plan F benefits:

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F Cost

Below are sample prices for a 65-year-old non-tobacco female living in Florida:

Plan TypePremium Range
Plan F$142-$235
Plan G $123-$186
Plan N$86-$129
Premiums are based on Medicare Part B start date and or Medical underwriting.

How much you pay for your Medicare Supplement Plan G monthly premium with Mutual of Omaha depends on where you live and your personal health information.

Your actual Medicare Supplement Plan G monthly premium depends on where you live and your personal health information.

There are three different methods that insurance companies use:

  • Attained age – You will have rate increases as you age since your rates are based on your current age.
  • Issue-age – Your rates will be based on how old you are when you sign up for coverage, and your rates will not go up for age-related reasons.
  • Community rated – Everyone with Medicare Supplement insurance Plan F through the same company will pay the same rates.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F Reviews

Some of the reasons why you might want to review Aetna Medigap Plan F instead of coverage from another company:

  • Aetna Medigap Plan F is one of the most popular plans, so many members exist. This leads to more stable rates.
  • Aetna has excellent customer service ratings, and many beneficiaries of their plans report that they are very satisfied.
  • Aetna has high ratings and sound financial strength, so it’s a reliable company. As a result, it’s one of the best-rated companies you can choose for your Supplemental benefits.
  • It’s a modern company with modern technology. For example, there are online tools that you can use for shopping for coverage or paying for your policy, which can make your life much easier.
  • Aetna offers Supplemental insurance in many areas of the United States, although you’ll need to check to see if their Medicare insurance options are available in your area.
  • Aetna is a well-known American health insurance and life insurance option that has existed for a long time.

Next Steps

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