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Best Medicare Plans in Washington State

Many people who are 65 or older depend on Medicare in Washington State for their health insurance needs. There are other people who are covered by Medicare in Washington State, too, such as many individuals who are on disability. If you have been eligible for Social Security Disability for at least 24 months or if you are turning 65 years of age soon, it might be time for you to sign up for Washington State Medicare insurance.

Overview of Medicare in Washington State

Signing up for Washington State Medicare benefits is easier than you might think, so you shouldn’t let the process overwhelm you. You will need to enroll in two parts of Original Medicare insurance. First, you’ll need to sign up for Medicare Part A. There typically is not a monthly premium for this hospital insurance plan. Next, you’ll need to sign up for Medicare Part B, which does have a Medicare Part B premium. This will be your medical insurance.

You will still be left to pay copayments (copays), coinsurance and deductibles that are not covered by Washington State Medicare benefits. Some people just pay these costs out of pocket. You can save a lot by purchasing one of the Medicare plans in Washington State to help with these costs.

If you’d like to explore your options for Medicare plans in Washington State. In fact, we help Medicare beneficiaries in Washington State and all over the United States with shopping for Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans. You can use our site to look at a Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart so that you can determine which plan you might be interested in, and you can even get Medicare Supplement plan quotes right here on our site. We also have licensed insurance agents on standby who are ready to help out the beneficiaries in Washington State with their Medicare options.

Enrollment Statistics for Medicare in Washington State

From Snohomish to other areas of your state, there are beneficiaries of Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance all over. These are a few interesting stats:

  • There are a lot of enrollees in Medicare in Washington State. In 2018, there were 1,346,185 total Washington State beneficiaries.
  • Medicare Part C is a popular plan in your state. There were 413,188 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries in Washington State in 2018.
  • Many people in Washington State who don’t have Advantage plans enhance their Washington State Medicare insurance with Supplemental Medicare plans in Washington State. Many individuals also have Medicare Part D prescription drug plans for that additional coverage.

Best Types of Medicare Plans in Washington State

Washington State beneficiaries have a few different plan options to consider. These plans can be purchased from private insurance companies. Learning about each of these different plans can help you make the right choice.

  • Medicare Supplement Plans Washington State – Your first option for enhancing Medicare in Washington State is to purchase a Supplement plan. Washington State beneficiaries can choose between 10 different plans, plus a high deductible plan. Medigap Plan F, Medigap Plan C and Medigap Plan G offer the most coverage. There are some cost-sharing plans like Medigap Plan N that have lower monthly premiums but don’t offer as much coverage. There are no service area network restrictions to worry about with these plans.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans in Washington State – Many people also know these plans as Medicare Part C because it’s an alternative plan to Medicare Parts A and B. The government requires private insurance companies to offer certain benefits for beneficiaries of these plans, or they will not be able to do a contract renewal with Medicare. HMO and PPO plans, which are most popular, do have provider network restrictions for the doctor’s office, nursing home, hospital or other facilities that you can visit. Other plans like Medicare savings account (MSA) and private fee-for-service (PFFS) plans are available. Wellness benefits like gym memberships are sometimes included, so compare plans to look for a plan with these benefits. You may also receive dental, hearing and vision benefits and a prescription drug plan.
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans – Part D – If you have Medicare in Washington State and don’t have a prescription drug plan through an Advantage plan, you’ll need to sign up for a separate stand-alone plan. This allows you to get extra help with paying for your medication, and it allows you to avoid the Medicare Part D late enrollment penalty.
  • Special Needs Plans – As a special type of Advantage plan, SNP options are designed for people with serious health conditions that are chronic.

Washington State Medicare Resources

As someone who will soon become a beneficiary of Medicare or who is enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and Part B, it’s best to do your research. These links can help you learn more about Original Medicare insurance and about any extra help that might be available for you:

If you’re in your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period and would like to learn more about how to enhance your Medicare coverage with Medigap plans, Advantage plans or prescription drug coverage, it’s best to compare your options and look at a complete description of benefits for each plan. We’re here to help you find the right insurance company and to compare rates. In no time, you can find a great plan with rates that you can afford. Plus, when we help you look for Medicare health plans, we help you search for companies that rank well on the 5-star rating system so that you’ll have health care coverage that you can rely on.

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