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Best Medicare Plans in New Hampshire

Medicare in New Hampshire includes Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. When signing up for Medicare in New Hampshire, you will first need to sign up for Part A hospital insurance, which you should not have to pay a monthly premium for. Then, you can sign up for Part B medical insurance, which does have a Medicare Part B premium. You can then sign into an additional plan for enhancement coverage if you want to save on out-of-pocket costs for healthcare.

Enrollment Statistics for Medicare in New Hampshire

If you’re going to be in your Initial Medicare Enrollment Period soon or if you’re just curious about Medicare in New Hampshire in general, you might want to take a look at these stats. They give a simple, clear picture of the New Hampshire beneficiaries of Medicare and their preferences for coverage.

  • There were 295,698 New Hampshire beneficiaries of Medicare in New Hampshire in 2018.
  • There were 35,081 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries in New Hampshire in 2018. This is not as popular of a program in New Hampshire as it is in many states.
  • Many Medicare beneficiaries in New Hampshire sign up for Medicare Supplement plans/Medigap plans for help with paying deductibles, copayments (copays) and coinsurance.

Best Types of Medicare Plans in New Hampshire

You might be excited about signing up for New Hampshire Medicare benefits and enjoying the benefits of Original Medicare insurance. However, after reading a complete description of benefits of Medicare — such as help with the cost of hospital visits or care in a skilled nursing facility — you may want to enjoy more than just the New Hampshire Medicare benefits. To do so, you may want to check out these Medicare plans in New Hampshire. Signing up for a plan can help you enhance your New Hampshire Medicare benefits.

  • Medicare Supplement Plans in New Hampshire – If you want to enjoy benefits that aren’t included with New Hampshire Medicare insurance, then a Medigap plan might be your best choice. You can choose between 10 different plans in New Hampshire and most states, and some offer more coverage than others. You’ll want to choose a plan that offers the best balance of monthly premiums and coverage for your needs. For example, if you don’t mind some cost-sharing and don’t go to the doctor a lot, then a cheaper plan might be best for you. If you’d prefer more coverage, you may find that a plan with higher rates is worth the cost. There are Medicare Supplement insurance health plans available for just about anyone who wants to enhance Parts A and B, from popular Medigap Plan F plans to more affordable options like Medigap Plan N.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans – Many people also refer to Medicare Advantage as Medicare Part C. It’s a good alternative to using Original Medicare insurance. You might be subject to service area network restrictions if your plan is an HMO plan or PPO plan. Wellness benefits, coverage for hearing, dental and vision and even prescription drug plans are sometimes included.
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans – Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B do not include Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, and neither do Supplement plans. Purchasing one of these stand-alone Medicare Part D plans from an insurance company will help you save on the cost of your medication and will help you make sure that you don’t have to pay the Medicare Part D late enrollment penalty.
  • Special Needs Plans – These Medicare plans in New Hampshire are for beneficiaries with certain health conditions. For example, you might become a beneficiary of an SNP insurance plan if you have end-stage renal failure.

Medicare Resources in New Hampshire

If you are ready to get enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and Part B, you might want to find out about New Hampshire Medicare insurance and the different Medicare plans in New Hampshire that are available. These are some top resources for Medicare in New Hampshire:

In addition to using these resources, you can call us so that you can compare your options. We will help you with our Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart so that you can compare Supplement plans, and we’ll help you shop for Medicare Supplement plan quotes and Medicare Advantage plan quotes

We have licensed insurance agents on hand. They want to help you learn more about your Medicare coverage and about health insurance options from top insurance agency options with top star ratings, like Aetna, Cigna, and Mutual of Omaha. Give us a call today so that you can give you this extra help with exploring your plan options, comparing rates and making the most out of Medicare.

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