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Best Medicare Plans in Nebraska

Medicare in Nebraska, which is the federal government health insurance option for senior citizens and certain individuals who are on disability, pays for a lot of the medical costs for its beneficiaries in Nebraska. If you are Medicare eligible and are preparing to be enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, then you might want to learn a little more about Original Medicare insurance and the additional Medicare plans in Nebraska that are available. Then, you’ll know what to sign up for and will have a better understanding of your benefits from Medicare in Nebraska.

Overview of Medicare in Nebraska

The first part of signing up for Medicare in Nebraska is going through the process of signing up for Medicare Part A. This is the form of Original Medicare insurance that pays when beneficiaries in Nebraska have inpatient hospital costs or when they need hospice care. If you are worried about having to pay a monthly premium for Medicare Part A, you probably shouldn’t be; most Nebraska beneficiaries do not have to.

Medicare Part B, which is medical insurance, does have a Medicare Part B premium. This coverage pays for costs related to doctor’s office visits, skilled nursing facility care, and many other health care costs for Medicare beneficiaries.

The Nebraska Medicare benefits provide a lot of coverage. However, you will be left with out-of-pocket costs if you rely on Nebraska Medicare insurance alone. Many people purchase additional Medicare plans in Nebraska to help them with these costs. Then, they do not have to worry about paying a lot in out-of-pocket costs for deductibles, copayments (copays) or coinsurance.

We know that you might be interested in this option, and we’re here to help. Use our site to learn more about your options, to look at a Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart and to get Medicare Supplement plan quotes and Medicare Advantage quotes. You can even call and chat with one of our licensed insurance agents for one-on-one assistance.

Enrollment Statistics for Medicare in Nebraska

If you are looking into the best Medicare in Nebraska, then you are not alone. There are many people covered by Nebraska Medicare benefits. If you’re interested in Nebraska Medicare insurance and the others who have it, consider these stats about Medicare and Medicare health plans:

  • There were 344,200 Nebraska beneficiaries of Medicare in 2018.
  • Out of that number, there were 45,426 Nebraska beneficiaries with Medicare Advantage in 2018.
  • About 169,000 people are enrolled in some type of Medicare Supplement insurance plan.
  • There are 49 insurers that offer Medigap plans in Nebraska for American beneficiaries of the Medicare program in Platte, Kearney, Douglas, Sarpy County, Dakota County, Omaha and more.

Best Types of Medicare Plans in Nebraska

If you’d like to enhance Medicare in Nebraska, you can choose from these Medicare plans in Nebraska to enhance Medicare Parts A and B, which can be purchased from private insurance companies. You’ll want to compare the benefits of each type of plan. Then, you’ll know what to sign up for during your Initial Medicare Enrollment Period.

  • Medicare Supplement Plans in Nebraska – In exchange for reasonable monthly rates for premiums, you can purchase a Medigap plan that will help cover the gaps in your Medicare coverage. You’ll have 10 different options that you can choose from, including Medigap Plan F, which is the most popular plan in most states.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans – Beneficiaries of Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) use these plans instead of their Original Medicare coverage. You will use your plan from your insurance company on its own rather than as a supplemental plan. Wellness benefits may be included, so you’ll want to compare plans to make sure that you’re getting the best benefits in exchange for the rates that you pay. As a beneficiary, you might have coverage for dental, vision and hearing. Sometimes, Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage is included, too. If your plan is an HMO or PPO, then you may have service area network restrictions.
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans – To enjoy the coverage and avoid the Medicare Part D late enrollment penalty, it’s smart to sign up for a stand-alone prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D plan) if you don’t have an Advantage plan that includes one.
  • Special Needs Plans – SNPs are plan options for those who have chronic and serious health conditions.

Nebraska Medicare Resources

It’s best to do your research before signing up for Medicare. These are some of the federal and state health insurance resources that you can use.

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