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Best Medicare Plans in Mississippi

Medicare in Mississippi is a federal government health insurance program that is designed for senior citizens and individuals with certain disabilities. If you’re going to be turning 65 soon, then your Initial Medicare Enrollment Period is coming up. This will be the time when you can sign up for Medicare in Mississippi. Learning a little more about Medicare in Mississippi will help you be prepared to become enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Overview of Medicare in Mississippi

The first part of Original Medicare insurance in Medicare Part A. If you are like most Medicare beneficiaries in Mississippi, you will not have to pay a premium for this coverage. Your Medicare Part A coverage will help pay for costs in a hospital or hospice care facility.

Since Medicare Part A is primarily hospital insurance, it is not going to help with a lot of your medical expenses. For this coverage, you will need Medicare Part B. To enjoy these Mississippi Medicare benefits, you will be required to pay a Medicare Part B deductible.

The Mississippi Medicare benefits that you will receive after enrolling in Part A and Part B will help with many of your health care costs. However, you will still be left without of pocket costs if you stick with this coverage alone. To enhance your benefits and reduce your out of pocket expenses for health care, you will probably want to look into additional Medicare plans in Mississippi.

These plans can help so that you aren’t on the hook to pay for copayments (copays), coinsurance and deductibles by yourself. If you’d like to enhance your Original Medicare insurance with a Medicare Supplement plan, you can check out a Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart here on our website to figure out which plan might be best for you. You can also explore Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) to determine if it might be the better choice for maximizing your Mississippi Medicare insurance benefits.

Enrollment Statistics for Medicare in Mississippi

Medicare in Mississippi is a program with a lot of beneficiaries. A few key stats about Mississippi Medicare insurance are listed here to provide you with some information:

  • There were over 606,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Mississippi in 2018.
  • Medicare Advantage is not as popular of a program in Mississippi as it is in some other states. There were only 105,370 Mississippi beneficiaries of these plans in 2018.
  • Although Advantage plans are not as popular among Mississippi beneficiaries as they are in some states, Supplement plans are popular in Mississippi.

Best Types of Medicare Plans in Mississippi

If you want more coverage than what you get through Medicare in Mississippi, you may want to know about the different Medicare plans in Mississippi. These are the different Medicare plans in Mississippi that you might want to learn more about:

  • Medicare Supplement Plans in Mississippi – Also known as Medigap plans, these plans work along with your Original Medicare insurance. These health plans are available at different rates, depending on the insurance company that you buy your plan from and the plan that you choose. There aren’t any service area network restrictions for you to be concerned about with these plans, and some even cover foreign travel emergency costs. Check out your plan options for Medicare Supplement insurance so that you can find a plan that will help with a nursing home, doctor’s office and hospital costs but that has a reasonable monthly premium. Also, know that you will still have to pay the Medicare Part B premium in addition to any premium for your Supplement.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans – Also known as Medicare Part C, these plans are used instead of Original Medicare rather than along with it. Wellness perks like gym memberships are sometimes included. Insurance providers can also include things like hearing, dental and vision coverage, and prescription drug plans, so compare your options and rates to choose a plan with the maximum coverage and the best rates for premiums. Also, be aware of if your Medicare coverage is going to be an HMO, PPO, MSA (Medicare savings account) or another type of plan since some of these insurance plans include network restrictions.
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans – Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage will help you save on medication. Failing to enroll as soon as you’re Medicare eligible may leave you subject to a Medicare Part D late enrollment penalty. Plus, there are other benefits of signing up for D plans; once you sign up for a stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, you can save on your prescription drug costs.
  • Special Needs Plans – A beneficiary who has end-stage renal failure or other serious, chronic conditions may sign up for an SNP, which is a type of Advantage plan.

Medicare Resources in Mississippi

Check out these state and U.S. government resources for extra help and information:

Along with checking out the resources above, give us a call to talk to one of our licensed insurance agents, or use our website to compare your options. For example, you can start your Medicare Supplement plan quotes right here on our site! 

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